Peaceful Holiday

Hope you all had relaxing holidays ❤

Here's a throwback from Christmas Peace Declaration in Turku. It's a tradition that has been carried out since the 13th century! It's sent live on television (so you might have seen me there in my white furry cap).

Honestly, this was my first time attending the ceremony... It's a bit embarrassing to say that this tradition has never crossed my path during my entire lifetime. As a child, we usually celebrated at home in Helsinki and we never had the TV on to see the Declaration of Christmas Peace. It wasn't until on Friday, my colleague mentioned about it and I felt really stupid for not have noticed it before. I haven't celebrated Christmas for years, but still I love the cosiness of the holidays. In a way I do celebrate and in another way not haha

Now I have finally attended and I must say that it was one of the cosiest events!

Thousands of people are gathered at the Old Great Square of Turku, listening to local choirs and orchestra playing. When the church bells hit noon the city official reads the declaration in both Finnish and Swedish.

Check out my Instagram post, swipe left to hear the choirs singing and hear how it sounds like when thousands of people are clapping (with gloves on!)

Imagine thousands of people starting their Christmas holiday like this. You see happy faces (usually Finns look grumpy even if they aren't) and everyone singing the national anthem together in the end. The feeling was absolutely remarkable. In that moment, I realized how much I love living here.

I've been working mostly, but still enjoyed the peaceful days with food and good company! I'm looking forward to spending New Year's in Helsinki and Porvoo. It's so nice to spend these holidays differently every year, last year I was in Portugal road tripping, let's see where I'll be heading next year!

Enjoy your holidays!