Next Destination!

I've been too excited last weekend that I completely forgot to post on Saturday Fling!

I'm writing now just before I'm heading off to Malaga! You have no idea how much I've dreamt about going to Andalusia! It's been on my bucket list forever. It all started from a documentary about Alhambra I saw during my teens. The architecture and the gorgeous details really blew me away!

I haven't planned much except for the Granada trip to see Alhambra. Fuengirola is also on the list, but I'm quite spontaneous. Let's see what I'll find! Follow my journey on Instagram, I'll be posting everyday in my story and later also on my feed!

It's hard to imagine warmth and sun when you're in cold Finland. Here's me sipping some hot chocolate in Paahtimo, Porvoo. This hot chocolate was really tasty!

Before I log out, here's something to get you guys into my vacation mood! I'm going to absorb this music like a sponge!

I wish you a lovely week!