New Vinyl In My Collection

Every morning I bike over the bridge to work even though it's literally a five minute walk. The faster the better! Yesterday morning was different though. The bright and colourful leaves were surrounding the river while the morning sun was peaking behind the medieval cathedral. The beauty caught my immediate attention and I just had to admire it for a while. Autumn has definitely its charm!

Helsinki wasn't as bright as Turku, might depend where you are but it's still always as nice to have a relaxing stroll over the esplanade. Simple, but very nice!

During my Helsinki visit I found a small treasure in a flee market. It was one of Terence Trent D'Arby's vinyls. Honestly, I know only one song of him, but I bought it because he was an interesting artist and he would definitely fit into my collection!

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between candlelight chocolate gobbling or listening to vinyls. I ended up doing both. Makes it all even better!

By the way, I'm not advertising Fazer, but I must say that it's one of my favourites! D'Arby has a really unique strong voice that I didn't know before. I only know "Sign Your Name" which is much softer than the some other songs in this album. Do you know what's nice with listening to vinyls? It gives you a little bit of patience. You listen to the entire album of constantly switching from one song to another and handling vinyls need great care. This is perfect for me since I'm always so impatient!

I really like this vinyl, must be a classic! Here you can listen to a version on YouTube, but it always sounds better on vinyls ;)


Ps. I'm working hard on finishing this crazy awesome intervju. It's a genre that I'm not so familiar with. Stay tuned!



Sounds like a cozy day! Hope you have a good sunday <3