Modern Day Folk: Frank Lloyd

It was a beautiful sunny day in Turku, but you could feel that this was definitely our last summer day.
There's probably no need to mention how this year has been exceptional and unexpected in many ways. We found ourselves in a situation beyond what we have imagined. Social restrictions and canceled events... So you can imagine how happy I was when the restrictions were lightened. I've always loved live music, but now I love it even more!

What I also looked forward to was Frank Lloyd's debut album release concert at Surf Shack Turku! He's an Australian modern folk musician based in Turku. He doesn't only write music, but he also helps people to write their own songs!

Let's get to know him better!

Congrats on your new album! How does it feel now that it's out there for everyone to hear?

Really exciting. This is the first album, so it’s quite a buzz to press play and hear something we made coming out of the speakers.

Modern day folk, is it the same as contemporary folk music? Do you have any influences in your music? Someone you would be inspired by or relate to artistically?

The idea behind Modern Day Folk is a reference to the folk tradition of singer-songwriters, but it’s mostly about trying to make music that tells a story in a clear way that’s relevant or relatable. My favourite songwriters are those who can tell a story and have it stay in my mind so that the song evokes feelings or memories every time I hear it. Songwriters like Warren Zevon, Phil Ochs, and John Williamson are masters of this.

As the evening goes it becomes more cosy with all the beautiful lights. A story wrapped up in a melody sweeps over bringing sweet nostalgia to the listeners. Maybe we can enjoy this moment a bit longer?

Even if that late summer night is gone, we can wrap ourselves in blankets and listen to his album from start to finish. The perfect thing to do in October!

Tell us more about your album! Any favourite song?

It took us about a year of studio sessions here and there to get the album done, it was a good way to learn about how recording works. Timo Haanpää at Valtone Recording Studios was really great with all the recording, production, mixing and mastering, and Benjamin Hakala’s guitar work brings the songs to life. The beautiful album artwork is by Paulo Machado, the photo on the cover was taken just outside Turku on a freezing morning just as the sun was coming up.

My favourite song on the album is ‘Our Father, Dad’. The lyrics are an adaptation of a poem that my Dad wrote about his own father just after he passed away a few years ago, so that song means a lot to me. And the guitar solo by Benjamin on that track is my favourite solo on the album, it fits the mood of the song perfectly.

You have meaningful lyrics in your songs. Do they portray your personal experiences?

Mostly they do, or sometimes one song might be a composite of a few different experiences. A lot of time usually goes into the lyrics, I want to express things clearly so whoever is listening can follow the story.

Have you been writing songs for a long time? When did you write your first song?

I think I started thinking about songwriting before I even learnt how to play any instrument. As a kid, maybe 10 or 12 years old, I used to think of lyrics and tunes and write them down. Then I realised I needed to be able to play something to turn my ideas into songs, so I went and learnt the guitar.

If you could choose where to perform what stage would it be?

In Finland I’d love to play at Tavastia in Helsinki, there’s so much history in that place. As for anywhere else in the world, the Troubadour in Los Angeles would be amazing, again, so much history there.

Last but not least, any gigs coming soon?

Nothing booked yet because of the COVID uncertainty, but some are being planned for when things start to improve. You can keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

It's been a pleasure to interview Frank Lloyd. Let's keep an eye out on his next gigs! I'm hoping that COVID19 won't make it difficult again. You know the current situation is what it is. Very unexpected!

One thing you can do that doesn't cost a thing is to check out Frank Lloyd's page and share his work.

Have a great weekend!


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