La Primera Mirada

I realised after this trip that it has been more than ten years I've been dreaming about visiting this place! Now it has finally happened!

The small streets of Granada leading up towards Alhambra is quite a walk! The lazy me took the bus all the way up! This post will be more of an introduction to all of the posts coming soon! One will be about the amazing Alhambra, the medieval palace and fortress in Granada, Andalusia. I saw a documentary about Alhambra many many years ago as a young teenager and I have been dreaming about visiting since then. The intricate small details and the rich history intrigued me greatly.

Another post will be about the amazing hammam experience and the passionate flamenco performance. My oh my, there are so many things that amazes me here!

Now you have a small glimpse of the beautiful view over Granada from Alhambra. It was surprisingly cold in Granada and I happened to be very smart to leave my winter jacket in Costa del Sol at my friend's place. I was a bit optimistic that it would be warm here. I did know it was colder, but not this cold!

I'm very proud to say that I managed well with my layered outfit and one could easily spot the Finn among the crowd haha

What would you be curious about to know about Andalusia? I can probably give you some tips of where to go or where to NOT go haha! During my travels here I listened extensively to Pablo Alborán and I thought sharing a touching live performance he had with Bebe. His vocals and careful interpretation is astounding!

I hope you all have a great weekend! This weekend I'm trying to recover from a small flu, let's see how it goes.

Shh one secret you need to keep... There will soon be another artist interview up here among the Andalusian posts.

Stay tuned!