Ice Art to Another Level: Icehotel Sweden

The hang out the night before in Kiruna was cosy and even though I was so tired I was also at the same time really excited. Apparently I get easily excited, but not for no reason because this day was going to be special!

The early birds we were, we woke up as lightning with my friend and enjoyed a rich breakfast before heading to the bus station. The bus station doesn't really look like a regular bus station, it's just a few platforms outside so it's quite easy to find the bus to Jukkasjärvi.

I was surprised to find that there are many Finnish names on places in and around Kiruna! There are three cultures living together in this area; the Swedes, Finnish speaking Swedes and Sami people. I find this fact very intriguing and I'd love to learn more about how it has become like that!

Histrory has started to interest me more, because it explains how things are today. You want to know what has happened for a certain place to be as it is. In another post I'll tell you more about the huge mine in Kiruna!

Now back to Icehotel!

Before arriving to Kiruna, I didn't expect to visit the Icehotel. I've heard so much about it. It was just a bit unimaginable to see it in front me! Behold and open the gate to a new world!

Behind these doors awaits a frozen land full of beautiful ice sculptures and art! I have to say that I was almost speechless.

Each and every room has been designed carefully with beautiful themes. There are two buildings. One of them is open all year around and the other is rebuilt every year! I can't even imagine that they rebuild it every year! The ice sculptures are gorgeous and some of the rooms have music in the background. Music can really have a great impact on the overall mood and enhance the entire experience!

During the day the Ice Hotel is open for visitors, but after 18 o'clock it opens for the night guests. I wouldn't mind sleeping here, they give you a warm sleeping bag and with the furs, you won't freeze at all!

Do you dare to open the door? What can be lurking behind?

Maybe it's Thor watching over you, so you don't do anything stupid. Otherwise, he'll hit you with his ice hammer!

I forgot to take a picture of the warm cabins, because if you stay at Icehotel you also have a room at the warm cabin with showers and s toilet. Apparently, if you're for four nights, you sleep one night in the ice room and another in the warm cabin. I haven't stayed there yet so I can't tell you the details about how it is to stay here.

There are actually some suites with sauna and shower! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

I've had the time of my life..

I don't know, but this ice sculpture caught my eye. The dancing couple showing such gracefulness. This pose reminds me a little bit of the movie "Dirty Dacning". What do you think it resembles?

I heard that they also have a small course on ice sculpturing. I think I'll definitely try that next time! This visit was full of moments where I couldn't stop admiring the ice art. It's truly one of a kind! If you have the chance to visit the Icehotel, then you definitely should! Even if the entrance costs almost 400 Swedish kr, it's totally worth it and I think that price is just right considering the amount of work put into keeping this place gorgeous as it is!

It loooks like Turku has turned back into Winter Wonderland so you can try your snow sculpturing techniques ;)