Top 100: Korean Hip Hop Song by Underground rapper(s) and Groups (1st Part 2019)

Hello Everyone~

This list was super hard to make since I tend to listen to hip hop way too much... I did manage to make a complete list with all the song I have listen to, and some ended up in honorable mention option since I never make this list longer than 100.

I do hope you find your favorite here, and remember this is underground male rappers, so there won't be any idol rapper. And yes, I do consinder Jay Park as underground although he have been a idol before. He is more a solo artist now. I hope you under and respect my choice coming to him. Beside that, there are many big and known rappers on this list, but a couple of underrated rapper that I do personally think need more spotlight. I do hope you listen to all the songs, and if not, then check some of them out. They are good, and it plenty of different genre in hip hop on this list, trap to bap boom or what the terms are. I never really care what genre it is as long it catches my attention. Which is why I do suggest that you do listen to most of the songs.

anyway, I hope you enjoy this list.

Top 100 Hip Hop Song By Underground Rappers

  1. BewhY - 찬란 (CHALLAN)
  2. 식케이(Sik-K) - ADDICT (Prod. Girlnexxtdoor)
  3. The Quiett, Sik-K, Beenzino, CHANGMO - The Fearless Ones
  4. Coogie 쿠기 'Hooligans (Feat. Bill Stax)'
  5. 식케이(Sik-K) - NOIZY (Prod. GroovyRoom)
  6. Loopy&nafla - 얼음왕(Ice King)
  7. pH-1 'Like Me (Prod. Mokyo)'
  8. 영비 (Young B) - REVENGE (Feat. 210, kuzi)
  9. nafla, Loopy, BLOO & DJ FLOJEE - NBA
  10. Junoflo - Statues
  11. pH-1 - 'Malibu (Feat. The Quiett, Mokyo) (Prod. Mokyo)'
  12. GRAY - TMI
  13. Jvcki Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum, Han Yo Han - DDING (Prod. By GIRIBOY)
  14. MBA(엠비에이) "TRAP HOUSE(트랩하우스)" M/V (Feat. EK, BOLA, NEAL)
  15. ASH ISLAND - Paranoid
  16. Coogie 쿠기 ‘Title’
  17. [SMTM8] 나플라 (Nafla) & 루피 (Loopy) -"할 수 있으면 해 나처럼"
  18. Beenzino - OKGO (Feat. E SENS)
  19. 루피 & 나플라 (Loopy & nafla) - Shot
  20. NUVO - AURA (Feat. 정동수 (ARKAY))
  21. BIGONE (빅원) - Too Much (feat. PENOMECO) (prod. GRAY)
  22. HAON(김하온) - 꽃(FLOWER) (Prod. AVIN)
  23. Jhnovr - Slot Machine (Feat. #GUN, King Sushi)
  24. Junoflo (주노플로) - STATUES REMIX (ft. Bizzy, Double K, Dok2, Tiger JK, Yoonmirae)
  25. Rick Bridges - Cinderella
  26. BewhY (비와이) - 나의 땅
  27. 로꼬 (Loco) - 'NOTHING'
  28. Reddy, YunB & Sway D - 하루종일 (No Days Off)
  29. Rick Bridges - SON (손흥민 (Heung Min Son)) (Prod. by SQUAR)
  30. Mommy Son, Kim Seungmin, Wonstein, Zior Park - NOISE
  31. Junoflo (주노플로) - Icarus
  32. 로꼬 (Loco) - 엉켜 (Feat. pH-1)
  33. 박재범, 우원재 - ENGINE (엔.진) (Prod. By CODE KUNST)
  34. 모티(Moti) - 'GO (Feat. JUNE)'
  35. Louie(루이) (Geeks(긱스)) _ 最高 (Saiko) (Feat. KEMBETWA, Mckdaddy)
  36. TAGGER - BIT (빛)
  37. KURO - #boysthesame [Lyric Video]
  38. 지주 (Zizu) - 새 옷 (#ootd) (Feat. New Champ) (Prod. LastMile)
  39. Paloalto (팔로알토), Swervy (스월비), 조원우 & Huckleberry P - 한라산 (Hi-Lite Sign) (Prod. by Yosi)
  40. G2, Sway D, YunB & Reddy - 한라산 (Hi-Lite Sign) Remix
  41. 기리보이 (GIRIBOY), 김승민 (Kim Seungmin), OLNL (오르내림), HAYAKE (하야케), NO:EL (노엘) - 벽
  42. 더블케이 (Double K), V-Hawk (브이호크) - ZOMBIE
  43. 로꼬 (Loco) - 오랜만이야 (Feat. Zion.T)
  44. 그리(GREE) '벨튀 (Feat. 서사무엘, GA EUN (가은))'
  45. 식케이(Sik-K) - WHY YOU? (Prod. GXXD)
  46. 기리보이(GIRIBOY), 김승민, OLNL - 스톤(Stone)
  47. Reddy, Sway D, Paloalto, G2, YunB, Huckleberry P & 조원우 (Jowonu) - Air
  48. 기리보이(GIRIBOY) - 아퍼 (Feat. Kid Milli, Lil tachi, 김승민, NO:EL, C JAMM)
  49. 한요한(Han Yo Han) - 댄스 (Feat. 기리보이(GIRIBOY))
  50. 렉스디 (REX.D) - DAFF (day-off)
  51. 주석 Joosuc - Home (Feat. Reddy)
  52. KURO - #beer
  53. OLNL (오르내림) - BLUETOOTH (Feat. Kid Milli) (Prod. sec paul)
  54. GXXD - 'Bellboy (Feat. 식케이 (Sik-K), Coogie)'
  55. 지주 (Zizu) - BMW (Prod. LastMile)
  56. 염따(Yumdda) - 돈 Call Me (Prod. by BRLLNT)
  57. 박재범(Jay Park) - Finish Line Remix (Feat. pH-1, Woodie Gochild, HAON(김하온), Avatar Darko, Sik-K)
  58. 지구인(Geegooin) - '진흙탕 (Feat. 박재범)'
  59. 비지 (Bizzy) ‘이름이 뭐라고 (BzB)’
  60. 오담률 (CHIN CHILLA) - Paradise (Feat. GA EUN)
  61. EPIK HIGH (에픽하이) - 술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK) ft. CRUSH
  62. 펀치넬로 (punchnello) - Blue Hawaii (Feat. Crush, PENOMECO) (Prod. by 0channel)
  63. The Quiett - 멀리 (mully) (Feat. Hash Swan & 우원재 (Woo))
  64. Bourbon (한민호) - Drowning
  65. PENOMECO 페노메코 ‘영화 한 편 찍자 Movie'
  66. 수퍼비 (SUPERBEE) X 재키와이 (Jvcki Wai) X 트웰브 (twlv) - 야 인마
  67. Kid Milli - APP (Feat. Loopy)
  68. 우원재 (Woo) - '호불호 (Feat. 기리보이) (Prod. By GRAY)'
  69. 펀치넬로 (punchnello) - Absinthe (Prod. by 0channel, 2xxx!)
  70. Roof Top 루프탑 'Ugly Face (Prod. GXXD)'
  71. 24 플라코 (24 Flakko) - Never Again (Feat. pH-1)
  72. BIGONE (빅원) - blossom (choreography ver.)
  73. 베이식(Basick) - me (feat. EK)
  74. Reddy - DRESS CODE
  75. Paloalto - DEAD (feat. Kid Milli)/Get It
  76. 샵건 (#Gun) _ AQUARIUM
  77. HOLYDAY & Fredi Casso (VMC NEW PRODUCER) feat. 넉살, ODEE, QM, Rohann (이로한)
  78. 기리보이, NO:EL, 블랙넛 (Black Nut), 영비, 오션검, YUNHWAY, 저스디스, 재키와이, 키드밀리, 한요한, 스윙스 - IMJMWDP (Prod. By 기리보이)
  79. 드렁큰 타이거 DrunkenTiger - I love you too
  80. Lemma - Money Tree (feat. DOSHi, BINTAGE)
  81. Chaboom - Believe (믿어)
  82. 루달스(Rudals) 'when i look into your eyez'
  83. VANKiD (밴키드) - Never Have (한못남) (Feat. KIMM CHAAN)
  84. 브라더스플레이(Brother's Play) - Your Days
  85. 버벌진트(Verbal Jint) - '갑분사 (feat. 한요한 & 장석훈)'
  86. 펀치넬로 (punchnello) - Winter Blossom (Feat. SAAY) (Prod. by 0channel)
  87. ZENE THE ZILLA - Liquor ft. Jvcki Wai (Prod. Eddy Pauer)
  88. Los - HUSTLE (Feat. Dok2)
  89. 메이스원더 MaseWonder - Bang ! ( 918)
  90. BB - Sinsa-dong (신사동)
  91. G2 - I Don't Know (feat. Lyricks)
  92. 션 페즈 (sean-pez), TOEFER (토에퍼), vicelynx (바이스링스), Env2 (엔비), ODD-X (오드엑스) - Gallop (Prod. Fa.B)
  93. 베이식 (Basick) - 만보기 Manbogi (ft. Mckdaddy)
  94. Kid Milli - Duracell + Xanny (Feat. YUNHWAY)
  95. Osshun Gum (오션검) - Walk In The Rain
  96. 김선재(Kim Sun Jae) - ‘Radio’
  97. 한해(HANHAE) - '아이구'
  98. BAKSAL(박살) - Clock FLOWER(시계꽃) (feat. Rose bed)
  99. 한해(HANHAE) - 'Flashback'
  100. 우원재 (Woo) - 'SS (Feat. 사이먼 도미닉 & 후디) (Prod. By KHYO)

Honourable Mentions:

Mckdaddy - x2
YunB - Woah Woah Woah Remix
올티 (Olltii) - 돈 (Money) (Prod. By Code Kunst)
베이식(Basick) - ijustwannadance
O'YOUNG (오영) - 타 (Hop in) (feat. LO VOLF) [prod. G.A.O]
Dino.T (다이노티) - Father (not for you)
Younghertz(영헤르츠) - '...'
킥솔 - Tight (Feat. As D) (Prod. JAY DOPE)
Swervy - Red Lite
보이텔로 (BOiTELLO) - Cake (Prod. WavyCake)
박재범(Jay Park) - GRAYGROUND Cypher (Feat.김효은, pH-1, Chaboom & DJ Wegun)
l!ldumb (릴덤) - One more time (다시한번) (feat BRANDY)
V-Hawk (브이호크) - RUBBER BALL (feat. 도넛맨)
Bluelk (블루엘크) - Can't Wait
Midas X - Childhood - Feat. Vlad of Ape X
Tommy Strate - My type of (Prod. Santa Paine)
킨다 (Kinda) - when I see ur phone
SKOLOR - Star Trail ft. Shurkn Pap

With Love, Kikki~

Question: Do you have a song from a underground rapper so far? And why are it your favorite?