A couple of months ago, a friend of mine - incredible Olya Slovo made an announcement: 2018 is a year of vintage. She will try to buy clothes only from vintage stores for the whole year. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Vintage was always a desirable and at the same time hidden topic for me. We have a lot of prejudices towards the clothing found in the depths of vintage stores: the smell, the "soul and faith", which was given to the cloth, the quality.

But I found a smiling person who had love and passion for finding treasures in "granny's" wardrobe.

When Milla and I were strolling around Kruununhaka, we bumped into an amazing shop - very hidden, without any signs and lights, but when we got in, it was full of treasures. Old tweeds, plastic "Louis Vuitton- looking" bags, Scandi-favourite baskets and maxi leather coats.

Milla told me, that she had a passion towards vintage since her mother was working in the theatre in Rovaniemi. When Milla was younger, mother took her "en recherche" for the props for the plays.

She said, one of her best findings was a leather jacket from Paris. It was just perfect: the shape, the details, the sizing, which made it THE jacket.

She gave me the obvious, but the best advice: the vintage requires time, which makes it a real ceremony. You should put efforts and time to find a jewel.

The other point was going with a mission on your mind. You have to have the image of the clothing you want to find in your mind, which makes your search much easier.

Well, I am inspired, and I think, you already know, where I am going to go this weekend.

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Every year I bump into a discussion about winter clothing. Especially, in Russia, where the girls are strong defenders of the natural fur. I strongly believed, that we will find the coat, which can stand furious cold and look pretty. I think I won this year.

I met Toteme during the Stockholm Fashion Week in August and fell in love. The clean silhouettes, the natural colors are reflecting the Scandinavian lifestyle, contributing the ecology with its vision.

This Chelsea faux fur coat is going to keep my warmth in January when I will be catching fashion icons in Oslo. Bet, I would be safe.

Coat: Toteme

Shoes: Senso

Photos: Oleg Oksanen