Life at Home.

They say HOME is where the heart is. And this time of year has got me thinking about those things that really make a home a home. What is it for you? Is there a certain place you feel "at home"? And who are you with?

HOME for me, is always with my family. Always has been. Its less about the place and more about the people. I often get people say to me that come & visit our house that they feel "at home" and I've always hoped that would be the case. When it comes to our interiors, the one thing I always seem to go for are things that have meaning or that I connect with. I've wanted our home to feel like "us". Somewhere we can be ourselves, and enjoy the big and small moments, the high and the low moments. Homes are so much more than the 4 walls that surround you.

Recently, Ikea shared in thier Life at Home report , that memories are the one thing needed to make home feel like home. Almost half of Australians agree that a place is considered home because of the happy memories associated with it. Over a third of Australians believe home is wherever thier loved ones are! You can see a video they put together here . The report also highlights how we furnish and personalise our homes to make them our own is becoming even more important, with over half of Australian’s (53.5%) stating that furniture items connected to specific memories make the home feel more like home. Certainly something to consider when we furnish and decorate your home space.

I love the unforced rhythms that come with a home. That certain place you stand while you wait for the kettle to boil, where you sit for your first sip of coffee, or read a story to your kids. One of the rhythms that we have is our Saturday Morning Pancakes! Daddy makes the pancakes with his little helpers, I make the coffee & then we chat, laugh & stuff our faces with pancakes with all sorts of toppings! Its a nice way to start our day - all together.

You see - its those moments that I treasure. Where I stop & think to myself - ok NOW I'm home. Where I look past the messy kitchen from cooking pancakes & see my girls laughing and chatting to each other, or singing a song with thier Dad as they cook pancakes - the moments that dont seem spectacular to an outsider, but are extremely spectacular to this mama's heart. I'd love to hear what it is for you that gives you that feeling of being HOME. I hope that you feel that way this Christmas and holiday season with your loved ones.

For any of the items pictured on our table here, you can find them at IKEA .



Laura ,
I agree, its the memories that make a house a home!
Catherine Morris
Catherine Morris,
Great post. We’ve made some great memories at our
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