Yaii it's finally that time of the year again where is is acceptable to use that "It's Christmas" excuse to eat and drink unhealthy and eat sooo good food! 🙊

I would like to admit that I use the "It's almost christmas" excuse in October and November too
Yeah I just don't understand why I'm not fatter..

Anyway! It is only Christmas once a year, which means we should test some Christmas recipes! And I have chosen to experiment with hot chocolate!

All you need for this is:

- Big mugs!
- Milk
- Chocolate
- Cinnamon (the sugar cinnamon)
- Marshmellows
- Chocolate sauce.

It only takes five minutes to make!

How to do it!
Take a sauce pan and put milk in it, just as much as you want to drink, then heat it up, not to much otherwise it will burn, then put in the amount of chocolate you would like, it is very different from person to person how strong they want it. Then turn off the heat, and pour it into the mugs, add cinnamon in it now or on top of the marshmellows, I actually prefer to put it in before the marshmellows. I chose to top my hot chocolate with marshmellows, cinnamon and chocolate sauce, but you can use whatever you like, sprinkle, chrushed candy canes or even chopped up chocolate, whatever you like!

Remember not to fill to much Hot Chocolate in the mugs, remember you want to make room for the marshmellows!

I hope you enjoyed this! Hashtag: #InspiredByKristineNielsen on your post so I can see how well you did! 

Happy holidays everybody!

Dansk Note:
De farvede skumfiduser er købt i Søstrene Grene og er super bløde og lækre!

Kristine Nielsen. <3

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Have you ever thought about going to Marmaris in Turkey, but don't know anything about Marmaris?🙈

Here are my personal experience when I was traveling to Marmaris back in 2015 with my family!

First of all, Marmaris is such a beautiful place with palm trees, mountains and amazing beaches!

So, here is a couple of things that we experienced, that is a must-try for you!

1. Take a Boat Cruise to the Turtle beach!

2. Turkish Bath & Sauna! 🌺🛁

3. Aqua Dream Water Park! 💦🌴

4. Pamukkale Thermal Pools! 🗿🌋

5. Water pipe & Fish bowling! - Go to the harper and on a Water pipe café, then order a fishbowl drink! An advice: share one, the are preeeetty strong 🙊🐠🍹

6. Go to the Turkish Market and try some turkish delicates! 🍖🌯🍒🍨


This is facts from June to August!

The weather is almost always amazing in Marmaris! The sun go up around 5:00 am (danish: 05:00 in the morning) and goes down around 7:00 pm (danish time 19:00), it will still be hot outside though! 🌜🌞

The time is exactly 2 hours ahead, so if the time is 09:00 am in Denmark, the time will be 11:00 am in Marmaris in Turkey!

The culture in turkey can be many things, but the things I noticed is that people say the turkish kitchen is one of the best in the entire world! And I must say it is really tasty! 🥗🌯

Safe trip! 😄🌺🏝

Kristine Nielsen. <3




Ladies! Jeg har i Assens by fundet kvinden der blev kåret som Danmarks bedste negleteknikker, og det navn lever hun 100% op til 🙈💅🏼🌸

Stinna Attende ejer af Pimp Your Nails, har i 4 måneder nu bevist gang på gang at hendes negle ikke blot er nogle af de mest detaljerede men også nogle af de mest holdbare negle man kan få lavet i Danmark 🙈💅🏼🌸

Det ved jeg, da jeg efter 5 timer på en forhindringsbane på Svanemølle kaserne, stadig stod som en af de få ud af 30 piger med alle 10 negle på, og direkte urørte. DET beviste hvor meget kvalitet tæller

Bestil tid her:

Jeg glæder mig til at se jeres lækre negle, smid et billede på jeres instagram af jeres smukke negle lavet af Stinna fra Pimp Your Nails med hashtagget: #inspiredbykristinenielsen så smider jeg en lille sød kommentar på jeres opslag! 🙈 

Dejlig aften til alle! 🙈💅🏼

Kristine Nielsen. <3