This was my first time in Sri Lanka, and even though I didn’t see that much I still enjoyed my time here. Last night I went for dinner together with some of the crew at a local place close to the hotel. I had a tasting platter so that I got to taste a few different traditional dishes, as I think it is nice to try out something typical local when I go to new places. The food was super nice but they do like it spicy, and even though I usually prefer a bit spicy food, it was some of the dishes I had absolutely no chance to finish.

This morning I didn’t have any plans so I decided not to put any alarm to wake up. So the only thing I did today was to chill by the hotel pool at the rooftop. I met one of the girls from the crew, so we just enjoyed some breakfast together by the sunbeds and worked on our tanlines all day. Some times the best thing about staying at nice hotels is just to spoil yourself in the hotel facilities, order some roomservice and relax. So even though I usually like to go outside to see the city, some times it’s also really nice just to chill and not to do anything specific 😊

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The previous week I was gone for 6 days on a multisector to SYD - CHC - SYD. Usually I´m not a big fan of multisectors beacuse I don´t like staying away from Dubai for such a long time, having to plan what to pack for a full week and so on, but anyway it´s ok to have them every now and then. At first I was not very excited about going, but since I havent been to Christchurch before I didn´t want to swap it away for something else. Now after returning to Dubai I am so happy that I decided to keep it, cause it might have been one of the best multisectors I´ve ever done!

1st day in Sydney I decided together with two of the girls to go to Bondi Beach for a full day of tanning and relaxing in the sun ☀ So after the 13 hour flight we went straight to the beach. We grabbed some breakfast on the way and spent several hours just chilling before we decided to go for a hike around the cliffs which is in the area. The sun in Sydney is really burning at the moment, so we all got sunburned from being outdoors all day. When we got back to our hotel I passed out after just 2 minutes as I was so exhausted from the long flight followed by a full day out.

The next day we headed towards New Zealand and Christchurch. We arrived in the afternoon and 13 of us wanted to go on a roadtrip around the island. I think I´ve never seen so many of the crew going together before, but it was nice getting to know some of them even better as we still would spend a couple days together. Christchurch is just amazing with it´s beautiful landscape and small villages. We went up in the mountains before going to a small harbour city where we went to a lighthouse and enjoyed our dinner. We didn´t arrive back at the hotel until midnight, so this became a really long day as well.

The following day I met one of the girls for breakfast before we went for a walk towards the small city centre of Christchurch. We walked through a huge park to get there and the first stop we did was at the botanical gardens. Later we also decided to check out the city museum where they had a nice exhibition of New Zealands history. Before heading back to get ready for our next flight and returning to Sydney we walked around the centre of the city, doing some shopping and just having a look around. Apparently they had a huge earthquake a few years back so some parts was still under restoration, like the cathedral which was pretty damaged from the impact.

Back in Sydney we went for a Korean BBQ , again 13 people of us from the crew. After dinner some decided to go to a bar for some drinks, but for me I just wanted to get back to the hotel to get some sleep as we had been so busy during the whole week. Next day when I woke up I just quickly went outside for some breakfast. I ❤ the food in Australia, cause they always have so many healthy and fresh options to choose from. I ended up at a juice place close to the opera house just having a chia/yoghurt bowl, as it was Sunday and a lot of places were closed. Later in the afternoon I had planned to meet up with Mille that currently lives in Sydney. I met her during my college in Mexico back in 2012, so it was really nice seeing her again. We met at a rooftop place in Paddington and I really liked this part of the city, so after our meeting I just walked around for an hour to have a look in the stores around the area.

Last time I went to Sydney I was not a big fan of the city, but after visiting again I really do like it. So hopefully there will be some more visits to Sydney before summer is over 😊

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✈Seoul, South Korea ✈Narita, Japan x2 ✈Bangalore, India ✈Oslo, Norway ✈Hanoi, Vietnam

1st month of 2018 has already passed, and it´s been so nice 😍 I have almost only been to new destinations and I´ve met some amazing people already. If the rest of the year keeps up like this it´s definitely gonna be a good one 😊

I was lucky this month to be on my top bid, so that´s why I´ve had so many good destinations. Next month is gonna be a bit less exciting, but still I´m looking forward. Life in Dubai has also been treating me good this month, but I can´t wait until beach season is on again. Right now I think it´s still a bit too windy for the beach, but I guess it will be just perfect again in a few weeks.

This weekend I will be working back to back, so I have no special plans. But good thing that I have a few days off at the beginning of the week, before my next flight 😊



When I was here 2 weeks ago I was so sick that I couldn´t even leave my hotel room. So this time I was so happy that my layover in Narita was well spent. I didn´t manage to sleep anything before the flight, so I was already quite tired when we met for briefing. Luckily the flight was good and the flight time to Narita was not so bad either. Anyway, when we arrived at the hotel I had already been awake for almost a full 24 hours. So at first I was planning just to go to bed - but to be able to stay on Dubai time I decided to join two of the crew and go for dinner.

One of the crew was Japanese and had been to Narita many times previously, so she took us to this sushi place not too far away from the hotel. By first sight it looked so simple and plain, and I would never have been able to find this place by myself. So when we got our food served I was so surprised about the quality and how nice it was! It was kind of a self service concept where we sat down by a table and then we managed every order from a touchscreen that was placed by each station. They had two types of trains; one where different types of sushi was constantly circulating and one that was serviced by the touchscreen, where the food you ordered was being served in super speed. Such a simple place, but still the best sushi experience I´ve ever had! 😊

The following day I had been planning to go to Tokyo, but not many of the crew was interested in going. Therefore I figured that I would just sleep until I woke up without setting my alarm. Even though it was very cold in Narita the sun was still shining, and when I woke up I decided to go to the city to see the temples, since I didn´t have a chance last time. I arrived in the city around 11:30AM and spent a couple hours just walking around. I went straight to the temple to have a look and on my way back I stopped by all the small shops and market booths to see if I could find some interesting stuff to buy. I ended up bying some different types of Sake to bring back to Dubai and also just some small souvenirs as my cousin wanted me to buy something to her from Japan.

On my way back to the hotel I also stopped by the mall where I bought with me some cosmetics and groceries. I always love to visit grocery stores abroad because they have so many different brands and new things to try out. Usually I can also find fresher and better foods abroad, so if I have time I always try to stop by to bring something back home.

I also decided to go back to the sushi restaurant to have my lunch there, since the food was so good and I never know when I will be able to go back to Japan again. Actually Japan in general is one of the hardest destinations to get as it is so popular, so I was lucky this time to get it on my top bid month. The food was as yummy as the day before, and I reached back to the hotel at 6PM, only one hour before our wake up call to go back to Dubai.

I am so happy that I got to see some more of Japan this time, and I love how the people are so polite and nice. Their culture is so different from what I´m used to, and I always appreciate that my job shows me and educates me about different places of the world that I would never experience or seen elsewise.

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This morning I arrived back to Dubai after a flight to Hanoi, Vieatam. I swapped on to this flight as I’ve never been before and someone offered me this for my Singapore flight.

We were 5 girls from the crew that decided to sign up for a tour on the day after we arrived. We got picked up at 7 in the morning, and the drive to Tràng An Ninh Bíhn took about 2 hours from our hotel. When we arrived there we got picked up by small boats who transported us through the river, between the cliffs and into the cave complexes. The nature is so beautiful and looks like it’s taken straight out of a fairytale, and it almost looks unreal. Actually we were quite lucky with the weather as the clouds was blocking the sun for almost the whole day, cause as soon as the sun came out it felt way too warm.

The area we paddled through was used as scenery in the movie Kong: Skull Island, and I could recognize some of the places that were used for shooting the film. Later we arrived to a temple and from there we walked by foot to a small village filled with small huts that was built out of straw, which was also used as footage for the movie.

After our boat trip it was time for lunch before we rented some bikes to go to the countryside where we could see the farmers who was planting the rice fields. We could also see lots of animals like goats, buffalos, pigs and ducks who was walking freely around the farm areas. It is such a long time since I have been riding a bike, and it was a really nice and relaxing feeling to be cruising around. Also it was a very practical way of transport to go around the area.

After coming back from our bike ride it was time to head back to the hotel again and get some rest before our flight later in the evening. All in all it was a really nice day and I’m so happy that I joined the girls for the tour. It was definitely worth it to go out of the busy and crowded city to see more of the Vietnamese landscape and the countryside. I really wish to come back to Vietnam again, but next time I would love to go to Ho Chi Minh to get an experience of the southern part of Vietnam as well 😊

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First flight of the year was to Seoul, South Korea. I’ve bidded for this flight several times before but have never gotten it, as it is a very popular flight amongst our crew. This time was my top bid month and I finally got it 😊

We landed late night on Friday, just in time to catch some sleep at an appropriate time. The morning on Saturday I planned to meet with Daniela, another girl from the crew, for breakfast and then to go to the city. It was both of our first time in Korea, so it was really nice to go together. The drive to the city took almost one hour so it was quite far away, but we had the whole day to spend in Seoul so it was still ok. The sun was shining, but it was freezing cold. Even as a Norwegian I think I’ve never experienced this type of cold weather. The temperature showed 1 degree Celsius, but it felt more like -15 because of the cold wind.

When we got to the city we stopped by a temple and a museum, so we had a look around. We saw so many girls in these beautiful Korean dresses, and we decided to ask one of them where she had gotten it from. She told us there was a place around the corner where you could rent them, so we decided to find this place to rent each our dress for a couple of hours. When we got there we got to choose our dresses and accessory and they had a full dressing room where we got ourselves ready before we walked out in the streets again to take some pictures. It was a really fun experience even though it was soo cold. After we handed back the dresses we decided to head straight back to the hotel because we were freezing and knew that the drive back would take another 1 hour. It was a very nice layover and the perfect start of a new year, and I had so much fun together with Daniela. It’s always a lot more fun when you spend your layover together with someone you get very well along with, so that it feels more like traveling with friends, and it makes the experience so much better 😊

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I had my final day in college and my first flight was on 5th of January to Copenhagen. It´s so funny to think back to this time, and I still remember how excited and nervous I was to start my new job. Even though I had been through 2 months with training everything was so different in real life. This was also a tough month for me because of the passing of one of my family members, and I got to really experience how hard and lonely it feels to be away from home when family is the most important.


I had my first multisector flight where I stayed away from Dubai for almost a week in total. This was the first time that I visited Australia. This month I also found my favourite city, Singapore, which still is one of my favourites today. I started to get a bit more comfortable on board as I had a bit more experience after a month of flying.


My friends Anette and Mathilde came to visit me in Dubai, and they were the first ones to visit me after staying in Dubai for 5 months ❤ It was so nice to have them staying at my place for a bit more than a week, and I really missed them when they left. Anette was the first person that I visited Dubai with as a tourist, and it brought back so many memories from our vacation together. I had my first airport standby this month and ended up in Paris after being called out.


I was rostered for my first flight to Oslo and I was overly excited to see my family and friends again. I had the best layover and I remember how wierd, but also how good it felt that nothing had changed back home. Even though I had not seen my friends for 6 months it felt just like time had been standing still for the last couple of months. On the way back to Dubai my mom and stephfather came along to visit me and I spent the days together with them seeing Dubai in a completely new way, being a tourist in my own city. It was such a nice time and it was so nice to show them how my life here in Dubai is. I remember I was so excited becuase it was hard to explain them my life in Dubai, so I was so happy to be able to finally show them.


I finally did my graduation after 6 months on probation, and I was so happy to have my mom and flatmate as my guests for the ceremony on this day. I had my first leave to go home to celebrate Norways constitution day, 17th of May. I think this day was one of the best days for me in the year of 2017, as I had so much fun togehter with my friends. This month I also got to visit both Mauritius and Seychelles twice, and these two destinations has been on top of my list since I joined in November. It was as good as I expected if not even better. This really reminds me that I have to bid for one of these destinations again very soon.


The month started off with a flight to South Africa and the layover was amazing even though the weather was cold. It was the month of Ramadan and I did my first Iftar ever together with my friends here in Dubai. This year I´ve been thinking to try the fasting as well just to have experienced it, but I´ll decide when that time comes. I fell in love with Italy and started to bid to go back to this beautiful country every month.


Rome became my new no. 1 favourite destination, and it still is. I started to dream about living in Italy some time in the future as I think Italy has a beauty that you cannot find anywhere else. For me it was such a gazing experience to see in real life what I remember to have read about in the history books in school and I was engrossed. I went back to Rome twice this month. Later this month I had my summer leave, which I spent togehter with family and friends in Sweden and Norway. It was so nice to be able to have enough time to actually relax and to stay for more than 24 hours.


My friend Chloé invited me together with her cousin to go and see the mosque in Abu Dhabi. I can´t believe that I waited so long, as I already wanted to do this when I traveled to Dubai as a tourist in 2015. We had a really nice day together, and it was such a beautiful place. I also ticked Russia off my travel map, and traveled to Barcelona for the first time.


I had the most fun and busy layover in Kuala Lumpur, which I still remember as one of the best layovers I´ve had so far. Straight after KUL I applied for live leave, and the next day I was sitting on a plane enroute Zanzibar. I met my friend Brigita who had already arrived a few days earlier and we had such a nice vacation together. I also met Madalina who had traveled together with Bri, and we celebrated her birthday in Zanzibar on the night I arrived. At the end of the month I had a flight to Milano during fashion week, and the temperature was so nice and warm even though summer was already over.


I went on a multisector to Guinea and Senegal, and the history of the Island of Gorée was shocking and very sad, but still important and interesting to know about. I met some really nice people on this multisector and we had so much fun togehter during this week. I also went to see the temples in Bangkok, and this city also stays on top of my list of favourites after visiting several times. The weather was perfect in Dubai and I enjoyed some nice days in the city with my friends.


I did my first recurrent course, and I was so nervous not to pass. The previous month was spent studying for the tests, and I luckily passed all of them. I did some Christmas shopping in London, and I really love this city during christmas time. The lights and decorations are so nice, and the vibe and christmas spirit is very present. Later this month Anna came to visit Dubai to celebrate my birthday week, and I´m so happy that she was here together with me ❤ We had such a nice time during this week and I wish that she could just stay and live here. I flew her back to Oslo after a week and spent 24 hours in the city before going back to Dubai. My mom arranged a birthday party for me with my family and it was the nicest and best spent layover of all this year.


I managed to go to Budapest to celebrate Anettes birthday. We had not seen eachother since forever, so it was super nice to be able to see her and spend some time with her again. Even though I was a bit sad I couldn´t spend Christmas together with my family this year either, Christmas Eve turned out to be so cosy and nice. My Norwegian friend Hanne came over to watch some X-mas movies and in the evening we went to the Norwegian Seamen´s church for dinner. Not what we would normally do, but it was a nice experience. On 26th I got to go home on a flight to have dinner with my family at my grandparents house, so I just managed to go home for a last minute Christmas celebration. New Years Eve was also spent together with my friends in Oslo, and it was the best NYE celebration that I could ever imagine✨

This year has flown by so quickly, but I´m forever grateful for all the nice experiences and memories that 2017 brought me. I´ve had the best year of my life, I´ve met so many nice people and started so many new friendships, I´ve lived my dream and traveled the world. During this year my knowledge and life experience has become so much wider, and my eyes are more opened, and I look at the world in a totally different way than what was the case just a year ago.

I´m really hoping that 2018 can bring me as much happiness and memories as 2017 did, if not even more😊

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Budapest, Hungary Hamburg, Germany Brisbane, Australia Beijing, China Oslo, Norway x 2

Happy New Year!

I´ve been so uninspired and have had no motivation to write anything on the blog lately, so it´s been a bit quiet form my side. Anyway I want to start publishing posts again, especially when I´m traveling to new destinations. So hopefully 2018 will be a year with at least as many adventures as 2017, and I´m so excited to see what this year will bring.

I didn't set any new year resolutions for myself, because they tend to never work out. So this year I will just try to focus on my own happiness and being good to myself and people around me.

2017 has been a year that I could not have imagined myself living, and I don´t regret anything. It´s been one of the best years for me so far, living my dream by traveling the world. I haven't kept count of how many places I´ve visited this year, but in total I´ve been to 47 countries so far, and I can't wait to see more of the world in the year to come. Actually my first destination of 2018 is a place I´ve never been but really want to go to, so I am very excited about that. But first I will start off the new year with a few days off here in Dubai 😊



Singapore, Republic of Singapore Muscat, Oman Oslo, Norway x 2 London, United Kingdom Johannesburg, South Africa

Yesterday was 1st of December and when I woke up I immideately went to the mall to buy a christmas tree. In the evening I invited Anna and Annelie over to listen to some christmas music and decorate the tree before we watched a christmas movie together. I would never have been this early out with decorations normally, but to get into christmas mode when you live in a warm country away from home I decided I wanted to be early this year. Unfortunately I didn´t get leave to go home for Christmas this year either, so it will be spent in China for a Layover, but luckily I will come back so that I have Christmas eve here in Dubai. Anyway I don´t know how to spend it yet as all my friends are either on leave or on a flight. I really would love to go home for Christmas, but maybe next year 😊..

And today is United Arab Emirates national day celebration, so happy 46 to UAE ❤🎉



I just wanted to post a short video of my staycation here in Dubai together with my best friend. She came to visit me for my birthday week and it has been amazing and I´m really gonna miss having her around. I was lucky enough to operate the flight with her as a passenger back to Oslo on Saturday morning, so it made it a little bit easier to say goodbye.

In Oslo my mom had arranged a birthday party for me so I got to see almost my whole family, and it is the best layover I´ve ever had. I though it would be so hard to leave Norway again on Sunday, but I flew back to Dubai with a big smile on my face just because I was thinking about what a wonderful and amazing week this has been, with the best ending together with my family in Oslo. Now it´s back to normal days of flying again, but I´m ready and soo happy and grateful for how this week turned out ❤

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