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Right now I am so extremely tired. I did my LISS after school, but did not have enough to eat before working out. I was perfectly fine while I was on the mill, and I did actually did one hour(!) of walking/running. But when I got home I almost could not move. After a couple of minutes I managed to drag myself out of the couch and, in some miraculous way, cook the most delicious pork beef, which I had with a salad. I felt a lot better, but at choir practice I had to leave half way through, because my eyelids just couldn't stay open. I am still super sore from Monday's resistance, so yesterdays arms & abs got skipped. Liten to your body, right..? So now I am lying on the couch, collecting the strength to prepare another meal because I am super hungry. Does anyone else than me feel hungry as a wolf after LISS? 

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So today was the first day of the BBG for me. I got up relatively early to be me, and jumped straight into some fresh workout clothes. (To be completely honest, they have laid untouched in the closet for a while, so they kinda smelled like mold.) I put on some music and started doing some gentle warm-up exercises. After 10 reps of squats my legs started burning, so I switched to sit ups. That went ok, so I figured I should get started doing the circuits.

I got through the first few exercises quite easily, so i figured I could push a little harder on the next ones. Two minutes later I hated my life so badly. How the hell could I think that after half a year with no exercise I could "easily" push through an entire workout which I almost couldn't finish when I was in week 4 the last time?! At this point I had to take a break to get my breath back, and try not to barf. At this point I was just going to start the burpees, but I figured that since I almost puked after the X-jumps I could eventually take the burpees later.

The rest of the exercises went quite well. Although I did about half the reps the last round, because my feet were all jelly, and it all went down to snail speed, I am very pleased with this first resistance workout! (As you can see, as I am holding the workout plan like a toddler who just got their first diploma..!)

PS: I never did the burpees...

How did your leg day go?




About this time last year I found an instagram account that really inspired me. The name was @kayla_itsines and it contained all these pictures of amazing girls' transformations. At first I thought to myself that it was too good to be true. There's no way all these girls actually became that fit in such a short amount of time. And if this was the truth, then the comments would be hateful or envious. But to my surprise, every single girl that wrote were positive and they were cheering for each other. I visited quite a number of instagram accounts that day, and was impressed by the determination they showed through pictures of transformations and food. I also noticed that many of the hashtags were repeated in the various pictures, and so I understood that this was a tight community of strong and awesome girls!

I started reading about the program, and I was intrigued by how eating healthy and working out on a quite tight schedule would give such great results. It seemed like sharing transformation pictures were really inspiring to both the person sharing them, but also all the people following. Until that day I never would have thought that taking a picture of myself in the undies would give me motivation. But I reluctantly did it anyways. I said to myself that I propably would never publish it anyways, but that I would regret it if I someday would like to see how much I changed. I actually saved the pictures in a secret folder on my phone, because I didn't want anyone to see it.

At this point, I wasn't really overweight or unhappy with my body to any exctent - at least not more than the average girl - but I had a wish to be stronger and more toned. So I got myself an example of the BBG, and a gym membership. I also started my instagram account (@kristin_bbg).

The first resistance workout was leg day. It was horrible. I barely got through it, and I do not think that I even did all the exercises and reps. Afterwards I laid flat on the floor for almost ten minutes, before I litterally crawled into the shower. I swear I could not walk down stairs without looking like a new born giraffe in a week. And then it was leg day again.

The LISS went a lot better. I found a joy in walking/jogging on the mill that I never thought I would. I challenged myself by adjusting the rise, and I felt good! I did not do the HIIT regularly, but when I got bored walking, I did some running. It seemed to help on the cardio, though propably not as much as if I had done it a couple of times every week.

After two weeks I compared the before and after shots of me. I did not feel that different, and I couldn't see any difference in the mirror. But WOW! I could actually see the difference in the pictures! My motivation was really strong after this, and it kept me going all the way through week 4.

I mean... Look at that butt!

But the motivation was not going to last. I went to Italy with my class, and was not able to keep up the work like I was supposed to. After this I just was not motivated, and started slacking on my eating and my workouts. I kept doing some exercises now and then, but when I could not see any progress I stopped. I kept telling myself that it just took four weeks to get where I was, so I could to it again whenever I wanted to. I had forgotten all about those first weeks of hard work, and the feeling of not being able to walk straight. 

As I am sitting here writing I still have not taken a before photo for this blog. It is now two days since my 20 minutes on the mill, and I am still sore. My focus right now is on the eating, and I have been really good these last days! 

I think I may take that picture now.



Progress, Training

Today was in many ways a very normal day. A wednesday. January 20th. I woke up late, showered, ate some breakfast, watched some funny videos on Youtube, packed my bag and went to school. Just like any other day.

But today was the day I decided, quite randomly, to buy a membership at my schools trainingcentre. No "I'll start next week"-bullshit. No "I already screwed it up, eating lots of chocolate yesterday". Not only did I buy the membership, I also went running on the mill for 20 minutes! I am so proud of myself!

It feels really good to finally be on my way to a happy, healthy version of me. My plan is to start the BBG program soon, I just feel like doing some running to start with. I haven't been working out since the end of last summer, and I still remember how hard the first resistance workout in the BBG was!

Is it weird that I both really look forward to and at the same time kinda dread to start the BBG again?

In one way I feel really reluctant to find out how bad my shape really is. At the same time I know I have done it before, and I know that the results will come if I just keep putting in the effort. Last time I had big visible progress in just four weeks, and I was - and felt - stronger than ever before.

The difference between last time and now is that now I know what I go towards. I am more motivated. I have more control over my school semester. It just feels right!