Been awhile since my last post, I know. It seems that my last post made family upset since I didn't tell them before posting here so I took a little break from posting, not knowing if it would make posting feel in some way tainted or not. Whist I did start this for my immediate family and friends to keep up to date with me, I feel that it is something that I will enjoy looking back on in several years at my time here in the U.S.

With that being said, I am posting again. And I want to talk about Las Vegas. The wonders of this make believe city. I went with my good friend Ellen, a Swedish Au Pair that lives just a block away from me. We went on the 24th February to celebrate her turning 21 on the 20th. Our fight wasn't until 9pm on the Friday so we were tired after a long day and long week of working. That didn't stop us though! We got to the hotel Flamingo at around 11pm, quickly changed and took some shots of vodka before heading out. This was my second time so I knew the lay of the land but wanted a different experience than the last time. We walked through a casino and stumbled upon a cabaret club that was offering free entry and 2 drinks for $10. This is fabulous for Vegas as all the drinks are $15+!! We got our drink tickets and the girl on the door gave us 2 extra so we were set. At the bar, we made friends with the manager and asked him for a refreshing shot. What he gave us tasted like mouthwash so that was our motto for the weekend! Mouthwash shot! (it tasted better than I am describing). The manager was doing shots with us and do he started to forget to take our drink tickets so we had a little more than we should have and watched the girls in lingerie dance (oh god).

We also met the lamest bachelor party that night and one of the lingerie girls informed us that she went on a hike with her boyfriend and we should check it out. I had to stop myself from asking why her boyfriend would let her do this as a job but then remembered that we were in Vegas! haha. We ended the night in Wahlburger with a grilled cheese that I may or may not have seen again later that night! It's kind of sad, the server at Wahlburger called us VIP's and we probably made complete fools of ourselves. There were even kids still up at like 3am and I think I may have offered to watch someone's child whilst they went to a club since I was a professional nanny...

The Saturday was spent doing sight seeing things like going to the LV sign, shopping, and bfast/lunch when I felt like I could handle it. If you've been to Vegas then you know how long that can all take with the up and down the escalators you have to go and crossing back and forth over the strip. We met a club crawl promoter on our walks and signed up for it that night. We went to a show at 7pm called 'The Vegas Show' which was all about the history of V! We wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil but they were all out of our price range. The show was awesome though and just what we wanted from a Vegas show. Then we grabbed some Chipoltle on the way back to the room to change for the clubs. We then met up with the crawl and talked to a few people and had some drinks. The promoter that we met actually ended up spending all night with us. He was funny and like a non-gay, gay best friend to us. He carried our shoes, bags and took care of us. He also went and got us pizza at 4am and was super sweet. Honestly, we just wanted him to leave so we could go to sleep haha. The clubs Omnia and The Bank were awesome. Loved every second and met some people who made the night incredible. Sunday we headed to Dtown LV and zip lined superman style down a mall or mini strip like place. It was thrilling and amazing! Ellen cried when they let the bar down and we could see how high we were! She did it though and thought it was so fun.

Even though the price of drinks almost crushed me, I had the best weekend with Ellen. And I just love Vegas from the mini city scapes to the interesting people and random events. If you haven't been, you need to!

Right now, I'm getting back down to work with school and the kiddos. Anika is visiting right now and so will enjoy writing about that next. Spring is almost here and that means that spring break and Hawaii are around the corner! So excited.

Until then, wishing everyone well and sending my love x

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The start of this week was pretty boring - spent most of Monday and Wednesday mornings at the car dealer waiting for the suburban to get fixed. I got a nice rental car during that time though - a white Toyota something. It drove really nice and it only had 800 miles on it. So small compared to the Suburban though and so low down but that wasn't very exciting.. But well the biggest event of the week was obviously Valentines day! The kids have so much fun with it and honestly, Griffen gets them wayy too much! But on what holiday doesn't she? haha. Apart from the candy and valentines themed shirts, lovies etc. Griffen always gets them toys also which seems funny to me. The day before Valentines, I was surprised by an email confirming an order of flowers for $90! I thought it was just spam because I always get them from Pay-pal telling me that my order is on it's way so I thought nothing of it. Then, later on that day, the delivery arrived at the door and it was just beautiful! It turns out that Griffen had ordered it for me and accidentally sent me the receipt. I also got some chocolates that I was told NOT to share with anyone! Times like this make me forget all the little things that get me down some days.

I had my internship on Valentines day also and it was so fun to see all the children give out their valentines and share the love. I am starting to feel at home in this classroom and it feels good. The children run up and give me hugs when I arrive and it's so sweet. They ask me to do all kinds of things for them now and start the request with 'Um Miss Gatehouse...'

On Monday night Ellen came over and we watched Fifty Shades of Grey as she hadn't seen it all and I wanted to refresh my memory before we went to see Fifty Shades Darker on Wednesday night. I really enjoyed the 2nd movie - just as I did the book. It was a lot less kinky and more focused on the story. I thought that Christian adapted to his new lifestyle far too easy and craved a little more struggle from him in his transition. It was cute though and Anna was much more mature and fit the role better in this installment. I would urge you to go and see it if you haven't already!

I haven't spoke to the fam in a little while - I miss Chloe and Kyle. They send me sweet messages from time to time on Skype. I love that they can talk to me and type by themselves. I don't so much when they try to Skype me at 4am though! haha

It was presidents weekend and so we went up to the Ranch Friday - Tuesday. Some of the other family and their Au Pair were there so it was more interesting that it just being us. Plus, there was another dog for Frankie to play with. Speaking of dogs ... On Saturday they went out onto the pond (which is frozen over) and decided to swim in the little opening where the fountain keeps it from freezing over in that spot. They then got stuck and were just swimming around in circles in this ice cold water. Everyone was freaking out and panicking and me being me said "I'll get my boots" and proceeded to run down to rescue them. I did not think at all - I was running on adrenaline. I ran out on to the snow covered ice pausing briefly to pray it was thick enough and ran out to the middle. I called the dogs over to me and grabbed Frankie's front legs and pulled him out. At this point, the edge I was resting on broke and I fell in. I cannot tell you how freezing cold it was - imagine pins being shoved into your skin. I managed to keep my top half from falling in and claw my way out then I had the task of pulling a 100 pound dog out. Grabbed his legs and then had to reach in and lift his butt out. My god. They shook off and gave me some kisses and we all proceeded back to the house. Everyone was so thankful and I only suffered slight frost bite in my fingers and the pins and needles went away in a couple of hours. The adrenaline helped me to keep warm and pull that heavy dog out. The men of the house ran up to the garage to get a raft and some rope (the sensible idea) but got back after I was done. They said they were so mad and so proud at the same time! Now everyone keeps sending me articles of people dying after falling through ice and makes me realise how bad my choice was. I just saw those dogs in there and couldn't not run to get them. Oh well, all is well.

Now, back in Denver the weather is still warm and sunny, the flowers are starting to bloom, confused by the spring like weather and I am getting ready to go to Vegas on Friday night to celebrate Ellen's 21st birthday. Also, Anika comes next Thursday!! <3

Love to everyone




Hello everyone!

So it's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote to you all. I was super sick the last week in January so I really didn't do anything at all that week besides go to classes and work. We are now into the second week of Feb and I am back at the gym, back in good health and ready to post again. Saying that, I haven't taken any pictures this week (I warned you I couldn't promise anything).

This past week was another run of the mill week for us - kids were at school, Frankie ate a few more foreign objects and I went to class. Griffen was away over the weekend for a girls weekend so it was just Ryan and I with the kids. I would honestly rather just be on my own with them but I did feel a little less emotionally exhausted at the end of the weekend from having him there.

I started back at the gym on Thursday and did an evening body pump class which left me the sorest that I have ever been! I hadn't worked out in 2 weeks! It feels good to be working out again now though.

I spend most of my time with Ellen, a Swedish au pair. She lives just a block away from me and she is so sweet and on my level. We finalised our flights and hotel room for her 21st b-day Vegas trip on the 24th Feb! It will be my 2nd time there so I am looking forward to celebrating that with her.

I got in my new Erin Condren planner (she is like the Martha Stewart of the planning world) and can't wait to get my stickers in a couple weeks. It's mostly for planning but the decorative stickers are more for journaling purposes and motivation I guess. Needless to say, it's my new fav. hobby right now.

Unfortunately, I am clashing with a classmate of mine that I am in a group with currently. I always try to hide my feelings about people but sometimes there is someone that I just cannot suppress those feelings with. I think she knows how I feel and I feel bad about that but she is SO rude. She interrupts people, talks over them, disagrees with everything I say and does whatever the f she wants! Thank goodness this is our only group project of the semester or I quite possibly would need to drop the class.

Well I think that's all I have got for tonight. It's 9:40pm, I still need to shower and get ready for my internship tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

P.s. Congratualations to my Mum who's still going strong after quitting smoking!


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The weather is crazy in Denver. One day it will be snowing and the next it will be lovely and warm. This week has made this statement truer than ever though. It was 22 degrees on Friday - 22! On the 10th of Feb :O. I am in no way complaining but jeez. I am under no illusion that we will get a lot of snow in the next couple of weeks though. It's good that it's been snowing up in the mountains a lot otherwise we would have a lot of unhappy skiers everywhere.

Anyway, it's Sunday. Wahoo for a new week cycle. I had my last days of class this week and now I only go the first week of every month. That's the beauty of these hybrid half online classes. It's not for everyone though, most of the older ladies in the class complain that they can't do the online portions. No trouble for me though - I get to do my class from my bed!

This week has been really nice, calm and less stressful than most. I find that the weeks are the best when I have the most charge over the kids. Like if Griffen is at meetings and the office all day, although I work harder than if it's both of us, I just have a better day. The kids have to take what I say rather than constantly having to compromise between what I say and what Mum says. Also, I feel like I have done my part for the day and I can know that when the dishwasher is loaded with the dinner stuff, I'm done and free to go. If Griffen is home then I just feel like I am doing busy work until she needs me to step in which is fine too but less productive for me.

So it was a great week, great weather, great work and I got the weekend mostly off with the exception of having Frankie and class to attend to. Ohh and I almost forgot today - getting locked out of the house for 5 hours. My own fault-ish but it wasn't that bad. The neighbor let me charge my phone in her house. I then had to take uber to get to target and pick up the groceries and kids prezzies for doing a great job skiing. Frankie stayed outside but got 2 walks this morning so I don't think he was complaining. Then I just hung out in Ryan's car and the garage until they got home. Not bad at all really.

This next week is looking just as beautiful as this was and we are off to the ranch on Friday - up to the cold! I'm not too bummed because a couple days after we get back, i'll be heading off to Vegas!

Lots of love,


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I am planning to update my blog every Sunday - I feel like that's the day for planning and spending some time reflecting on the week. In saying that, this week has been pretty basic and not a lot has happened to report on.

Griffen (host mum) got a new car on Monday so that was the big event of the week although it meant an extra long day for me. Declan (youngest) was sick and so I didn't get my usual 8-11am morning break whilst he was at school. So I worked 7:30-8:30 that day! Tuesday I then decided that I deserved the massage that I have been contemplating for the past few weeks. I went to a new place that did a first-time client $50 deal. I got an old-ish guy and so it was a little weird but an upside is that he had strong hands! I then had my first classes of the new semester. I'm taking 6 this semester and they are all evening classes except one Saturday class.

Thursday I met Ellen for lunch at Kona Grill and was sad to learn that they have discontinued my fav salad - sweet chili glazed salmon with a sesame seed dressing. Instead I opted for the sweet chili glazed salmon with mashed potatoes and honey and ginger glazed carrots. It did not disappoint!

Friday morning I watched the Inauguration of Trump which was a great moment to experience!

The weekend has been as busy as ever with birthday parties, play dates, sleepovers, class and grocery shopping. It was nice to end it all by taking a nice walk with Frankie and appreciating the amazing (for January) weather that we are having.

I hope that everyone has had a great week also and that next will be just as awesome!




I have been thinking lately that I am not as connected or in touch with my family as I would like to be. I talk to my grandparents on the phone about once a month, I Skype with my Mum, Step-dad, brother and sister once a week but the rest of my friends and family are overlooked a little too much. I have wanted to find a way to include them in my day-to-day life a little more (if they so wish to be) and I think that this is the perfect way to do so.

Many Au Pairs that I have met blogged about their time here in the US. I would love for my aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, parents and friends to keep up to speed with whats going on with me and so I am making a commitment to post weekly on this platform about anything and everything that is happening. Pictures will be attempted to be taken but no promises there!

I have included a couple of pictures below for those interested. The top consists of the very most important people in my world - my mum, step-dad, brother, sister, granny, grandad and my auntie Sue. The image below that is of my second family, my friends and well, bosses! My american family, Griffen, Ryan, Leighton, Dillon and Declan. This way, when I mention someones name - y'all will know who I'm talking about.

So, there it is. Of course I decided to do this on the night that I promised myself I would go to bed early and it is now 11:45pm. I am so looking forward to making use of this creative outlet and helping my loved ones feel a little more involved in life.

Until next time,


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