Heidi and me the past week visited the great apple, such a different atmosphere from little Norway of course!

We couldn't be happier with our flight. SAS and Swiss air treated us very well.
We had a really short 30min connection flight in Zurich but the trains there takes only 4-5 minutes to connect to the other terminals so we made it just on time.
Flight was from Ålesund - JFK via Zurich.

So much stuff to share! I'll edit the post later and share some thoughts about the city.

Leave a comment! Bye!

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Hey guys!

I had been away from the blog long time ago but not for the bad. Had been working quite a lot and seeking for new projects.

This winter Im planning to invest a lot of time and effort discovering new mountains and adventures to ski and climb. Ill be writing about my experience and new products and places as well.

I hope you stay tuned and let me know what more i could write about or share with you guys.

Leave a comment! thanks!

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We dont have so much sunny days to enjoy in "Vestlandet" really. Rains too much and the weather is so unstable, So sunsets like this are gold.

Lovely sailing day with Heidi.



With over 22 degrees Celsius and fantastic weather conditions I jumped to the sea as the first swim of the season!

Today was just an amazing to enjoy outside 👌🏼

Tueneset in Ålesund, Norway.



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Sailing Trip to Trandal

With my friend Alexandra long time ago we were discussing about the possibility to go sailing to Trandal, located in Hjørundfjord, Norway.

Spring finally arrived, the days are much longer and her mother was going to visit Ålesund for the weekend so we decided that maybe a nice trip would be to go sailing and discover this place.

Getting the Sailboat ready together with Alexandra.

So the weekend came and we decided to go for it. It was around 15:00pm and we headed to Vegsund where I have the boat docked. After setting the sails and verifying everything we departed around 16:30pm towards Hjørundfjord.

After almost 2 hours we were getting into the fjord. The Landscape changes dramatically with all the cliffs and mountains going straight to the sea.

Looking back once we entered the fjord.

Valhalla Sailboat Docket on the Old pier beside the Ferry in Trandal.

After we docked a really Friendly guy offered to drive us on his ATV to Christian Gaard, Trandal. About 1km away from the ferry docks.

Really big ATV actually. The three of us had space in the back!

The View from there is just Breathtaking!

After playing with the swing a bit we went up to the pub for some relaxation after a long day.

Returning to Vegsund

Weather changed and it became rough. Suddenly gusts of wind filled the fjord and the direction was exactly against us. We were forced to sail to the next town Sæbø, and refuel extra. We tried again to sail but weather was getting worse same as the visibility. Clouds came very quick as well as fog.

Clouds and wind approaching the Fjord.

So for the second time during the day we returned to Trandal. Enjoyed a beer and waited until the weather got better. After around two and a half hour we continued our trip back to Ålesund.

Missing already this amazing place! can't wait to brink my skis and try some Ski touring around the fjord.

What do you guys think about this adventure? Leave a comment below and let us know! :D



Toptur & Climbing

Hello guys!

I would like to share some pictures from the last seasons from our mountain playground around Ålesund, Norway.


This Year we had a lot of snow during late april, that was pretty impresive because just when the ski centers around the area were closing, we got half a meter of snow during for the last day!


Last day of the season, waking up with more than a half meter of snow in some places made this day completely unforgettable.

We brought tons of gear and even tested more gear from the rental to search for our best options.

Last Day of the season on Strandafellet, Norway. Powder conditions were insane.


Molladalen is situated in the next Fjord outside Ålesund, Norway. It's a spectacular destination for Skiing, Hiking or climbing. During this trip we Hiked & Climbed "Bladet" a very famous rock needle in the summit of this area.

As shown in the photograph, during late spring you still can have plenty of snow and frozen lakes.

Hiking to the summit with crampons and ice axe. It becomes steeper and icy.

Backround: "Bladet".

This legendary rock rises up from the summit and the view is fascinating. Above all the fjords and mountains. Makes you feel very tiny.

Be prepared to bring enough gear. Weather is very unpredictable. Wind, rain or storm is quite usual up there.



So we headed towards Vegsund from Ålesund port after we got the new engine for the sailboat.
We had very windy conditions and big waves out in the sea, but for our luck the engine worked just perfect.

Got a captain's hat from Internet. Why not?
-Considering in buying some Viking hats next time for the crew!

So our first stop was in Bunker Oil, Ålesund to refuel and check that everything was okay with the engine.

Full tanks and everything ready to continue...

Nørvevika in the back and continuing to Vegsund.

The landscape suddenly changes and everything becomes amazing...

Temperature is dropping down quick during the evening so extra layers are needed. The wind intensity seems to fade as long as we kept sailing infjord.

Getting closer to Hjørundfjord sailing all the way in through Borgundfjord.

Can't imagine sometimes how lucky I am. This landscapes are world class and we are sailing through them.
Reminds me about The Chilean Patagonia. Is very similar at some points.

Finally with the last minutes of sunshine we arrived to our new docking place in Vegsund. Beautifully surrounded by the incredible Alps of Sunnmøre.

Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think about this place!
Pictures shot with Iphone 6s.



Sun is out and so is the sailing season! After fixing my boat for the last 2 days, now we are ready to set sail from Brosundet in Ålesund to Vegsund were we are getting our new docking spot. This will allow us to sail straight to Hjørundfjorden & Geiranger fjord using less sailing time.

The last days had been totally fantastic. Around 16 degrees temperature, good wind and sunny weather.

The sunset was breathtaking as well in Ålesund, Norway.

Relaxing a bit in between the work as well. Reading a nice book with perfect weather.

We bought a new engine for the sailboat. Now we have 9.9 horsepower with the possibility to upgrade it to 15hp for extra power if we need.

Got visitors also! Dovile stopped by and joined for a little while when we were fixing some details on board.

Our new engine is from Selva motors. 9.9 horsepower replacing the old Johnsonn 4. This will allow us to sail much longer distances with nore reliability. We were impressed about the efficiency of this engine. We used almost no fuel in this ride.

Valhalla is ready to sail now. Tomorrow we continue our journey to Vegsund so stay tuned!

Leave a comment below letting me know what you think about the boat and the ski & sail project!



When life gives you snow, go skiing! 😄

We had an awesome weekend in Strandafjellet. Fresh powder snow in the last day, not so much people and also great weather.

There is still much snow so the ski center might extend one week more but otherwise ski touring is the option.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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The trip has finally come to and end. After 2 weeks of adventure exploring north Norway I must return back home and go to work.

But it doesn't sound so bad after all because spring has finally arrived and the nature is just so awesome here in the Norwegian west coast.