So today me and one of my colleagues went to IKEA to buy some stuff for the office. As you may know, we are in the middle of moving our whole office to a new location. And yes, this takes soooome time haha. It's been fun so far, but I'm pretty ready to wrap this up. However, it's not nearly finished yet....Patience is just not one of my strong sides lol.

Even though it interferes with my job, it was really nice to step out and do something else. Our little trip to IKEA went great, and pretty fast, just about 2 hours. I think that's fast, if one counts in IKEA time haha. The only thing that took time was looking for a mailbox we wanted. We parked our little shoppingcart and went searching for it everywhere... after 20 minutes we gave up. Only to see that it was right in front of where we put our cart....I just laughed so hard. Like, seriously, been looking for you, and you were just waiting here? HAHAHA, me and my colleague had a good laugh.

We finished up and booked it to be delivered, and they actually delivered it the same day, nice! So everything was done now. It was lunch time, so we just stayed at their restaurant and ate the classic Swedish meatballs, it was really tasty. We also bought cinnamonbuns for the rest of the office peeps, cuz everyone knows that IKEA's are the best haha.

To buy fake plants or real plants? That is the question...


Yes, I listen to Kpop and if you don't, please still listen to this song haha. I'm not really a big fan of theirs, but this song thooo. I think I just turned in to a fan now haha.

Enjoy your evening peeps!


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Hi guys!

I've been quite busy these days, but I'm back now :). We have some changes at work, we are in the middle of moving the whole business to a new location! We still have so much to get done, the floor, the walls and furniture. But we are sitting in our new office as of today. I can't wait until everything is finished, it's gonna be so great. So far I love it, it feels refreshing, even though I got a little sad that we were leaving the other place. I mean, I have been there almost everyday for about 3 years. Bur it is time for change.

Besides handling everything that comes with moving, I still have my job to do. And it's definetly more exciting I guess, now that everything is in boxes and I have to look for things everywhere haha. I hope I have some energy tomorrow morning to start organizing.

Today I had work, met one of my dance buddies on the bus and we went to dance practice, and tomorrow it's pretty much the same again, work then dance time. Btw, this is not the salsa dancing, this is another group. A group that dances to K-pop music. And I love it, so much fun and funny peeps! K-pop lovers are special haha. I will tell you more later ;).

Bye bye! This building is from 1926. Going to miss its charm.

The new place! It's slowly getting there.

My office! Missing some things, but it looks promising, right?

I hope you have had a great Monday, and I wish you an even better Tuesday.




I have had the same winter boots for about 8 years...Ok, so I haven't used them all the time, I may have had som others too haha. But for really heavy snow days or the really, really cold days, I have always had the same boots. So after 8 years, it's definitely time to update! I finally bought some new boots, and I love that gray shade. They are super comfy, feels like big slippers, so my winter just got alot better. Next thing would be to match it with a gray scarf and maybe some gloves... We will see ;-).

My new gray babies!

Don't really have much else to say today. Kind of sad that Iam not a part of the #nouw30daychallenge, I really wanted to, but I have stuff coming up, so I already know I won't have the time to blog every single day. But I will definitely do it next time! 

Pretty much a normal Wednesday, work and then home. Or well, actually since I am used to work all day and then dance all night, this is not normal for me.

Normal is leaving home at 7 AM for work, a billion things to do at work, and then rush to dance practice until 11 PM. Rush home to get some sleep, I would normally fall asleep at about 1 AM. Wake up time for work is at 6 AM. And the same pattern starts again. Almost everyday was like this. So it's quite different from today, winter low season at dance...I might be getting restless haha.

But I'm REALLY enjoying sleeping more than 5 hours every night. So I'm not complaining. My new normal :).

Just a pic of a chai latte and a brownie because I wish I had this right now.

Hope you are having a great week so far!




Today is January 22nd and it's my lovely moms birthday!

We had a great day, took the day off from work, slept until noon, haha yikes, and just relaxed the whole day, no stress, no appointments , no things to do here or there, and it felt sooo good, I hope she feels the same. So we were just lazy all day. For dinner we went for some Italian food at VESPA with the rest of our family, then came back home for coffee and some birthday cake.

White wine for the birthday girl. Some Spaghetti Bolognese for me.

She got some little presents, a little jewelry set from Guldfynd. She looked really relaxed and happy all day, and it is really good to see her like that, she is a wonderful person and my very best friend, my lovely mamita. So blessed to have her in my life.

Happy Birthday mami!

Gift time :)

Hope you all have a great night!




Hello again my peeps, apparently it's Sunday evening already...

It's funny, exactly two weeks ago I was dancing/competing in Miami. And now I'm in my bed, super full after one cup of hot chocolate haha.

What I haven't told you is that I, besides having a normal office job, am also a dancer. Sometimes I dance salsa and bachata with my latin dance group that I am a part of. We also compete in these styles every now and then, and the latest competition we were at was the WORLD SALSA SUMMIT. Pretty much the world championships of salsa. This was two weeks ago and now this season is over. Normally people compete 2 or 3 times during the season before Worlds, so that you can be super ready for the biggest competition of the year. But my team didn't get that opportunity this season. Most, or all good competitions, are held in the US, Canada and rest of America, so living in Sweden makes it bit harder to commit to these competitions. So we had no other competitions this season but still decided to go to Worlds haha. Why? Well because we already had choreos ready, and it's just a fun thing to experience. YOLO I guess haha. So our only goal going to Worlds was to be able to show our best and we would be happy.

New Years Outfit!

Our journey started at on January 1st...You know, at 12 you are saying HAPPY NEW YEAR and toasting/celebrating. 4 hours later you are outside, in the freezing rain, running to the train station with your fat luggage to catch the train to the airport. What a way to start 2018 haha. But it's all good. We made in safely to Miami. The competition was held from 3-7th of January and livestreamed through YouTube, and since my lovely parents couldn't come, this was a great thing.

This is my second Worlds and it was great to be back. Competitions last all day everyday because there are sooo many categories, for the Profesionals, for the amateurs (that's me), for the kids/teenagers, for the little more mature people haha and then you can mix Profesionals with Amateurs, aka Pro-Am. But it goes by pretty fast, so there is no time to be sitting by the pool on these kind of Miami trips.

This was the venue of the competiton.Some backstage touch ups. And the no-time by the pool view...

Sunday was the last competition day and by Sunday evening we got our results. Combining the teams winnings, we had a total of 12 trophies/medals! I contributed with a silver and bronze medal, and was a part of the team that got 1st place. That 1st place means that we are world champs on the team amateur level. Ofcourse the Pro's are a thousand times better haha, that is their job and dedicate their lives to this. We are just amateurs, people with "normal" jobs, and dance for a hobby. So you can imagine how much better the pro's are. But still, it's pretty cool that we won in our category haha. We were not expecting this at all, so when they said "And in first place, from Sweden!" we were like whaatt! Such a fun moment haha.

So everyone at home was like "How does it feel?", "Are you happy?" "Wow, you are a world champion" and stuff like that. Which is fun to hear, but at the same time I felt a bit uncomfortable. I think that well, we are world champions, yes. But just in our level, not the very best on the planet haha. That's the professionals. So I'm like, yes this is true, but there are far better dancers out there. I dont know, I wonder if I should just enjoy it. Or maybe it will come later in time, the happiness of being amateur world champ. And maybe I will feel then what everyone thinks I should feel now. I will keep you posted ;-).

The judges and their view. My favorite dress. My medals.

Anyways, so it's been two weeks since that day. A great way to start this year :).

Hope you're having a great Sunday and I wish you a great week. Thank you for reading this very long post hah...




Friday vibes! This week has been great, and I just HAVE TO tell you about a surprise I got the other day at work.

It's just a normal day at work and one of my co-workers asks me if I'm super busy. I nod my head and say yeah, pretty much (I'm ALWAYS busy, I have things from 2015 that is still lying around, oops...), but my co-worker just said well you have to come with me anyway. So I'm like, uhhmm ok sure, atleast I get to rest my eyes for a bit (from the computer). I thought she wanted help with some products, so I start thinking what it could be, if I forgot to send something or I don't know haha. So she leads me to the kitchen and when I come in, everybody is there, the rest of my co-workers, my boss and some more co-workers through Skype lol! Aaand they were all staring at me, haha I didn't know what was going on, but then they started to explain why. (I actually haven't told you guys yet, but I will soon so stay tuned haha.) Long story short, I am a salsa dancer and went to worlds 2 weeks ago where I got one first place with my team and then two other medals. My co-workers followed my journey there through the YouTube livestream and when they found out that we did well, they apparently decided to celebrate these winnings with this surprise!

I love surprises, they are so much fun! And I was NOT expecting this at all. For me, it is also an extra celebration because this month marks 4 years since I started working here. My longest relationship haha! And I love it, I have the best bosses and co-workers, just blessed to have this.

They gave my flowers, bought semlor for everybody and a Spa gift certificate to Ystad Saltsjöbad :). I have been there once before, last year in March actually, so I'm very excited to go back, this time I will probably book it for the summer so I can enjoy their pool. Can't wait!

So sweet, these gifts :)

Last year at Ystad Saltsjöbad, going back soon :).

Anyways, long post here haha, I hope you all have a great weekend!




I went iceskating with some friends! I actually skated when I was a bit younger but I quit 10 years ago. I was not talented at all, lol, and the coaches were not very nice or inspiring, so my motivation ended after about 4 seasons when both of the only good coaches I had moved to other cities. But I have always missed it, so today was long overdue.

I had so much fun, however the first five minutes were terrifying! It felt sooo uncomfortable and I didnt understand how I used to do this. These things, attached to my feet, how am I supposed to control them ?! But a couple of minutes later- some brave thoughts - and I was feeling good. It was slowly coming back to me and now I cant wait for next time! However since we just do basic stuff, I need warmer clothes. . . almost froze my booty off. Perfect excuse to go shopping!

I went skating with two friends, we are going to skate once a week, lets hope there will be some progress!

After we went to the mall to get some food, needed some miso soup to get warm. Then we had some fro-yo, because when you are frozen, why not get even more cold?

Thanks for reading, and til next time!




Here we are! Blogging! Never really thought I would do this, but hey, why not?

I have decided to do this because I seem to forget alot of what I have done in my days. So I want this to help me remember what I was doing, what I was thinking, feeling and going through at the moment. A diary for my future self I guess, but with pictures. I am not used to writing about myself, so it is going to be a challenge, but I think and hope that I will appreciate this oneday.

Lets see how this goes. . .And if you want to join me, great :). If not, thank you for reading this and have a nice day!

Until next time,