Hey, beauties! What's poping? The summer is right around the corner and now that the spring is here, I'm very inspired and excited to start blogging regularly again yay!! Alright let's get to it, these cool sunnies are designed by me and inspired by the one and only RIHANNA.

I just love her style and or wait... let me be honest.. I love everything about that woman. With that been said the other day I was scrolling on instagram and I came across a picture of RiRi and I just got fascinated and had to do a DIY! So here it is, round pearl sunnies inspired by Rihanna and design by KingHarris.

If you want to see how I designed these sunnies, then make sure to watch my video down below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! Kingharris on youtube and kingh4rris on instagram.