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Hey guys, here are some of my latest purchases. I'm a huge 'shopaholic' and I'm really not proud of this crazy habit. But a girl gotta do what makes her happy, right? Haha don't mind me, anyways I have been shopping on different websites lately. Before I was mostly doing my web- shopping on, but let's say I have upgraded to Missguided and Wish.

Haha you must be thinking, 'uhm wish?'... yes you read it right, 'Wish' is a website that requires you to download an app on your smart phone in order to be able to shop. Remember to be very careful because the app can be tricky at times, meaning you don't always get what you think you are ordering. A little tip from me, always read the comments/reviews on the product you want to buy, before ever purchasing it. I have had some good laughs and cries about products I have purchased from Wish in the past so learn from my mistake.

Okey, enough chit chat! The first two outfits are from wish, the white triangle lace back crop top & flared sleeve peep hole crop jumper rust are from missguided. (click on missguided and you'll get to the website). The white pants are from and the 'who run this world top' is from H&M. Alright guys, I really didn't wanted to bored you guys so I decided to post just these ones for now, the rest might come in a while.

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Mhmm I'm eyeing that red two piece hoody ooh 😈
Hahah, just 'eye' it well lol 😃 Got the exactly same in white as well 😊
Henriette Celin,
Så fine sett! flotte kjøp ^^