Hey guys! I´m finally away from the cold and down here in this beautiful place, with great weather! I could really get used to this place. I have been here since Sunday night, I´m here with two beautiful girls, we are staying till Friday, sadly for me to say.

What are everyone up to back home? I really don´t want to know if it has anything to do with the weather though haha, it´s just too depressing for me. And I have been receiving videos and pictures of snow, like come on do y´all really think I care if y´all be swimming in snow at this moment? haha, but honestly stop sending me the depressing weather back home, let me worry about that when I´m back, thank you.

Alright so Let me fill you guys in what I have been up to so far, I wake up when I want, eat breakfast, beat my face and go out to the beach and then do all the typical things tourists do when they are on vacation, haha. Yesterday we took the tramp to another city (Luceros) and spent the whole day there window shopping and shopping. Oh and there´s something we noticed here in Spain, these people are kinda odd... they eat dinner at 10 pm! I really didn't know that and ever since we got here we have been eating dinner late (or we thought it was late at 19:00) but then all the restaurants kept been closed for no damn reasons, until we found out yesterday that they actually opens from morning til evening and then closed again until after 8 Pm. Anyways now we know the system.

I´m still in bed at the moment and listening to music, I had breakfast and now the next thing is to take a shower after I post this blogpost and get ready for the day.  Till next time dolls! Oxox- KingHarris

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