In the creative industry I feel that people sense a huge of amount of competition, especially as we are all trying to make a living from it. This was one of the main reasons why I was so indecisive on starting my own blog. As crowded as the creative industry is, there is and always will be enough room for more of us. Starting this blog will be a verbal way of expressing fashion, my style and also to be able to inspire others.

My blog will be different from others because my style is very different, I switch up my style ALL the time you can never expect the same from me. "Not another fashion blogger" came across my mind a lot when thinking of starting my blog, a lot of time I had thoughts of why would I start a blog when there's a million and one people doing it, why and how my blog would be so different to the other dozen of people that are already doing it For new bloggers like myself it is crucial to be different, stand out and not be following what everyone else is doing. It is so important for me to be able to show some of personality through my images and post; it will help my readers to get to know me a lot more.

In this industry it is vital to be yourself and not try being something or someone you're not. Be genuine! There's nothing worse than pretending to be someone you're not when everyone knows your natural character. Be true to you and your brand.


I have learnt from watching and staying tuned to other people’s blogs or even YouTube channel that content is LIFE, as long as you have amazing content you will be able to build your platforms. Being consistent is also crucial nobody wants to start reading your blog fall in love with it and then wait 3 months later for your next blog post. I want to aim to at least put 2 blog posts a week minimum.


Numerous amounts of people have told me that building my Instagram is so necessary. It will be the fastest way to "build my brand" it is a great way to discover other bloggers and to get inspirations it is most definitely where I get my inspirations from. Once I start posting more on my blog and Instagram it will be a great way to interact with my audience.