There are girls and there are boys. But there is so much more than just girls and boys. But, many people often forget that there is much more than just girls and boys. They believe that they live in a world there are just girls and boys. They believe that you can only fall in love with the opposite sex. But they are so wrong. There is so much these people miss.

But if you then live in a society where there is only acceptable to be a boy or a girl? And you feel you do not belong to any of the two. Or maybe you would like to be the opposite sex. You may feel that you do not feel comfortable in your body, because it does not feel like you are in it. And I'm not talking about that you think you need to lose or gain weight. I'm talking about knowing that you are living in someone else's body. In the opposite sex body. In my case (FtM). You stand there in front of the mirror, you have just stepped out of the shower. You stand there and you see a small body, a small body with breasts, curves, thin arms, long hair. You just want to cut your hair, and you want to hide the curves and breasts. You do not want to have a hole between the legs. You feel immediately much worse. You feel that you really want to be a guy. Or maybe a better way of saying that might be that you really want the outside world to perceive you as a guy. Because on the inside, you are already one. But when the idea comes to your mind that you will never be exactly like a normal guy. Breaks you down, of course.

Being trans ...  and not belong to the body you live in. That you can really feel so bad for it. I think my previous depression is because of it. And I still hope that's the reason for it. I just wish people could understand more about transsexuality. What if people could just learn. We trans is perhaps a very small group in society if we compare to those who are born in the body they want to be in. But we still have as much rights and obligations as everyone else has. We still have the right not to be questioned about our personal life just because we are transformed. Like "What sexual orientation are you? Are you gay or straight ?." What are you doing in bed then? "" But you're a girl, you can not be a guy? You do not have a dick. "Would you ask a" normal "person totally randomt what sexual orientation he/she has, what he/she does in bed with their partner? No, the answer is of course no.
If the answer is no, the answer is  no for everyone.

This first post maybe got a bit all over. But just want to get this out from me. I hope you like the blog so far. And you can of course feel free to leave a comment if you feel like it.