Ebbas Café

I was dreaming about having my own cubby house as a child but never got one which may be why I decided to go all in our daughters one. My husband likes to make jokes telling everyone that it's my cubby and that I'm out "playing" when I 'm out there doing most serious business such as organizing, styling etc, haha.

The cubby, or Ebba's Cafe as we also call it, is a favourite project and the whole family have spent quite a lot of time making it the way it looks today. I've put together a little memory lane with pics from what it looked from the beginning when Ebba's got it as a gift from her grannies for her first birthday. Unfortunately most of these pics are taken with mobile camera why the quality is a bit poor.

The left pic shows what the cubby looked like from the start. It's purchased from here, a brilliant and very service minded company that I really can recommend. They installed it for us and after that the fun part began. So much fun to do that I wish I could persuade my husband that Carl needs his own cubby just to be able to do all the fun things that have come across my mind since this project started.

Anyways, also pictured here is the floor that I choosed to paint in a fun chequerboard design. It's not hard to guess my favourite colours! As you can see it's far from perfect but you don't really notice once everything else is put inside. I completely lack patience and want everything done yesterday which is why I always try to do things just as quickly as possible. I actually used a CD case to mark the squares here and then I just drew lines by hand so there's plenty to work with here if you wanna have a go, much room for improvement so to say!

Team work! I've always pictured a cubby with a big porch and luckily I'm married to a real handy man who helped me out here. Ebba was around 18 months on this pic, the perfect assistent!

I found the flower boxes on sale here and the picnic table is purchased from here.

These little curtains are hand made by myself using fabric paint and a potato. Very fun project! I just sliced a potato in half, stuck a fork in it and dipped the potato in the fabric paint. After that you carefully press the potato on the fabric. There are many different kinds of fabric paint so be sure to check the instructions on the bottle for how to fix the paint into your fabric.

We love wooden play food! I actually think I need to make a separate blog post just about this obsession of ours. Stay tuned!

Fresh strawberries from your own garden, doesn't get much better then that. How I long for summer now!

Yellow ceiling, a fun detail!

Here are some ready to mount play houses!