Sustainable Thursday

Being sustainable is a big part of our daily goals and on our to do list. We work hard to change our ways and to think of new ways to be sustainable and to inspire you to be sustainable. We are also in a learning curve, but we work hard to help the environment.

So todays tips is Buttons.

How many times have your buttons fallen out? It happens and it is so annoying to loose a button, but your favourite garment is not lost because of a button. You now have the opportunity to upgrade you garment. You can either choose the same kind of button or you could go for a unique button. Many shirts do have an extra button on the washing label, so check that out.

Sew the buttons on. You can do it your self, go to a tailor or get a friend, or a family member to do it. If the garment is from Kepaza, then please send us an email and we will change it for you. It’s not that expensive to go to a tailor and ask about the price before. You could also call them and ask for the price!

Ready for use!

Done and it only took a few minutes and you can use your favourite garment again!

Designer Pernille even says she has sewed garments and buttons on at parties because they where desperate.

How cool is that?

Love Kepaza

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