well I've never really done this sort of thing but I might as well try it. there's lots of story's I'm going to tell and while I don't expect anyone to read them  there all story's of my life to the bitter truth I'm going to give anyone who ends up reading this a little look into my broken mind my broken home my broken life and my broken world so believe what you want and learn from the tales I tell

(i will be using fake names) well I guess I'll start at age 5 see  my parents hated each other my older sister rose was being bullied because of her weight so at home she would stay in her room to avoid conflict with my father chad see my dad he was kicked out of his house by age 14 and had turned to crime ever since he met my mom at a barbecue she was 16 he was 22 and had a bad boy reputation and my mom who had just started smoking only been drunk once and always went to church thought he was the perfect rebel they had my sister by time my mom was 18 and by 23 I was born they were married by time I was 4 and by 5 there marriage had all but gone see my dad liked to drink cheat and do blow while my mom stayed at home watching us well watching rose they were close I kept to myself really my cousins and I raised eachother see our home lives weren't grate me and rose got beatten while my mom was at work because my dad would be coming off the blow so he would take it out on us when she got home it would mostly be verbal  mostly( I'll continue later this week)