What Are The Cheapest Sea-Doo, Jet Ski Models?

Personal watercraft (PWCs) are the most preferred option when it comes to experiencing exhilarating water sports like wave-hopping. And with the steady expansion of the PWC market, it is possible to purchase anything from Sea-doo, Jet Skis to WaveRunners at an affordable price, too.

Yes, you read that right.

There are many PWC manufacturers that are expanding their horizons to meet everyone’s needs. In fact, you can easily come across cheap Seadoo JetSki models comprising exceptional features. This means you can experience the thrill without the need to break your bank.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the affordable PWC options that are literally below the $10k mark.

1- Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R: With the MRP of just a dollar below $10k, Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R is a modern version of the original single-rider stand-up PWC that was introduced in 1973.

This bad boy comes with a potent 1,498cc four-stroke engine that blasts through the water using a 148mm axial-flow jet pump. Plus, its 957 pounds of thrust can take you to a speed of about 60MPH.

What’s more, it has a curb weight of 551 pounds and 8’ 8.5” in length, making SX-R noticeably longer and larger than the model of the past. This results in more stability to handle the PWC. This also means there is a shorter learning curve.

2- Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160: Next on our list is Jet Ski STX 160 from Kawasaki, again. It is a least-expensive multi-rider PWC that is capable of handling two people easily.

Even after being an entry-level PWC, STX 160 is loaded with a few features that belong in top-tier models, such as fly-by-wire controls, no-wake mode, adjustable cruise controls, digital helm display, etc.

Similar to SX-R, even STX 160 has a 1,498cc power plant and a 1488mm jet pump. However, the fuel capacity is 20.6gallons, offering you to enjoy the fun at the average range.

3- Sea-Doo Spark & Spark Trixx: Sea-Doo spark is easily one of the most affordable options on the list that is priced a little over $5k. By paying around $2k, you can easily make these two-seater models into a three-seater model.

One thing that makes Sea-doo Jet Ski stand out from other PWC is the hull. The bottom is molded using Polytec, a polypropylene material fortified using long-strand fiberglass. This means it is lighter and can equip the stock Spark of 899cc 60-horsepower Rotax 900 ACE engine while still managing to hit over the 40 MPH mark. The additional speed can be added with an investment of around $1.3k.

Talking about the Trixx model, it comes with a variable trims system (VTS) that allows the user to handle the bow-rise at different speed levels as well as the angled wedges situated behind the seats.

This means Trixx can be ridden in a standing position, more or less vertical to the surface of the water. Trixx has a 90 HP Rotax powerplant and a few additional benefits like Sea-Doo iBR electronic reverse, enhanced graphics, telescopic adjustable handlebars, etc.

4- Sea-Doo GTI 90: With an MRP of $9,099, GTI 90 is also an affordable option that has a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons. One can easily boost this bad boy into a large swim platform by accepting the manufacturer’s LinQ storage system. You can add accessories such as an external fuel tank, a cooler with fishing and rod holders, and even a dry storage box.

Other than this, GTI 90 comprises a watertight dedicated phone compartment, electronic iBR reverse, 4.5” digital helm display, wide-angle mirrors for towing water sports and name a few other things.

Wrapping up

Your urge to experience thrilling water sports can be effectively met by choosing either of the options mentions above. Just ensure that you purchase the same only from the best boat dealers like Lakeside Marine. They will help you find the best Sea-doo Jet Ski models within your budget.