A few weeks ago I saw someone suggest this app called Way of Life where you can track different things in life that are either positive or negative, and then analyze the trends.

I chose to track my workouts, my body pain and my sleep to see how shitty my sleep really is and to see if there is any connection between the three. I thought there would be more of a pattern but honestly it doesn't seem like my sleep, pain or working out has anything to do with each other...

The pain tracker refers to my joint/bone pain I have been feeling since this summer, and sleeping well is when I do not wake up multiple times during the night, have a lot of nightmares or wake up after 10 hours of sleep feeling 100% exhausted. Working out is kinda self-explanatory.

I just wanted to tip you guys about this app, if there is anything in your life you want to track... workouts, bad habits you want to get rid of, good habits you want to increase etc. Not sponsored by the app. I just use it daily and thought it might interest some of you. :)

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