The Ball is Rolling

The day has finally arrived! I have waited a month for this doctor's appointment and I just got back from it. Of course my doctor had a med student working with her so I had to repeat my symptoms and everything more or less twice haha, but anything to help the future generation. :-)

I basically took a bunch of tests for various things connected to thyroid issues, reumatism, some kind of gene that is common among people with ulcerative colitis and so on. I also got a referral to a psychiatrist, so in a about a week I have a phone meeting and I guess the I will begin a bipolar "investigation" from there.

At this point it's impossible to say what the tests will show, of course. But I'm glad they took me super seriously and I got everything I wanted at today's appointment. I wanted tests for my thyroid and a referral to psych due to my bipolar suspicion. Check and check. Now we just wait and see.

I'm still in a dip health-wise but perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.



I came here hoping you'd have an update as I knew it was your appoinment today, and I'm so glad to hear it went well. I know it's hard in these early stages of not knowing what's wrong, but today was a great first step! Stay strong xxx
Vad skönt att höra att du får hjälp och är på god väg att få lite svar! 😊