Friday Thoughts

Another day, another week, another month. We're half-way through March. March just started!? I have been on "sick leave" for over a month now. I miss working, or I miss being able to work. I miss YouTube, I miss making videos. But just like people with "normal jobs", I can't just decide when to feel better and sneak back into working before I'm well again.

I dreamt last night that my test results were in and they were horrible. I have no idea what results they were , but the doctor said that on one test 4 is normal and I had like 16 and on another test, I had like 5 and the normal was 20. No idea what any of it meant, but I'm guessing my tests won't be that "abnormal" haha!

I have my evaluation with psych on the 21st of March, and right now my plan is to be back to work by April 1st (no it's not a joke ). Of course, I can't see into the future, but that's what I'm planning anyway. And hopefully, by then, I will have some answers to share as well. At this point, I don't really care what the results are 'cause regardless if I know about them or not, they're affecting my body and mind haha. So I might as well find out about it sooner rather than later so I can work around it/treat it/whatever I need.



Hoppas verkligen att du är på bättringsvägen snart. Ett steg i taget. 💕
Every thing you do is the best. Everything looks good because of you, my whole world is totally new because you are that shiny star making everything better