Klockade ut 02.20, var hemma 03.20, klockan är 11.42.

Varför upp? Ingen aning.
Stressad? Absolut.
Följer framtida planer? Absolut inte.

Det var la segt...

Vad nu då?

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De ställs gärna, dock uppfylls sällan.

? Alltid höga, bundna till besvikelse.

Uppfyll gång på gång på gång, allt flera ställs, högre.

Besviken men ändå självbelåtenhet.

Vågor av känslor sköljer över, skam, förvåning, oduglighet, ilska.

Tar det aldrig slut?



"I'm so imperfect that I couldn't be more perfect"; as I usually say.

Striving after perfection is always a good thing, but being perfect is horrible. Now why isn't it the opposite way? Well because you lose your way of thinking, you're limited to think in a certain way. We humans don't have those limitations we get to think freely, but a perfect person has a barrier and can't comprehend most things. As a scientist one is afraid of becoming perfect, there won't be room for improvements. As an artist you lose your imagination. The list is long.

But being imperfect as we humans are to begin with is the way we should be. We will always have room for improvements, our imagination will be infinite. With
these abilities we can surpass perfection.

So please take care of your imperfections, they're important to us as humans. Besides they are what makes you you, not to mention if you polish
them you'll see that you will surpass perfection.