Autumn Sky born on October 31 at 11:15 pm via cesarean. Weighing in at 7lbs 9oz & 19 1/2 inches long.

I got me a little Halloween baby! How cute is she?!?! She 6 weeks today. This post is loooong over due I just haven't had much time for myself lately let alone to blog.

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I finally have baby girl's dresser complete & ready to go! She's suppose to be here tomorrow but it seems like she's going to extend her stay in mommy's tummy for a little while longer. *sad face* I just really want my little girl in my arms already! I am paying supper close attention to any and every contraction I feel hoping it's the start of labor but so far they're all just braxtons.

Anyways, let's take a look at everything in her dresser.

On top I have her Naturepedic changing pad, a little rattle toy, head bands, & 2 glass spray bottles for wipe solution for cloth wipes. One will be soapy water & the other will be plain water.

Top three drawers:

Left - I have her disposable diapers, that will soon be replaced with cloth diapers.

Middle - Cloth wipes, disposable wipes, bottom balm, nipple balm, & nursing pads.

Right - personal care baby items: Boogie bulb, sunscreen, nail clippers, saline, 2 rattle toys, 2 different toothbrushes, pacifiers, gripe water, & syringes.

Middle Drawers

Left - baby leggings & pants, socks, bloomers, hats, & bodysuits.

Right - swaddles & blankets

Bottom Drawer

Left - hooded towel, baby washcloths, baby shampoo, castile soap (for cloth wipe solution) & regular washcloths.

Right - extra crib sheet, extra changing pad cover, extra reusable pail liner, & 2 wet bags.



I picked up some really good finds on my most recent purchase from ThredUp. If you've never heard of ThredUp where have you been?? ThredUp is an online consignment shop with some amazing deals! Especially on their designer jeans.

Personally, I only like to look at "like new" or "new with tags" items & I managed to find some great jackets & jeans. I love the quality of all the items & the "like new" description really does ring true. What I'v noticed with lower end brands like F21 is the pricing isn't much of a discount compared to when bought new in store. But I came across a fuzzy cardigan new with tags at a pretty good discount. So glad I got it because it is so incredibly soft & comfy! Both the Gap & the Merona jackets have such a high quality feel to them. That's expected from Gap but I'v never heard of Merona so I wasn't too sure how the quality was going to be in person.

F21 Cardigan

New With Tags!

$25 - $7.20

Gap Jacket

$89 - $16

Merona Jacket

$40 - $10.36

And I really did score big on the two jeans I bought! I can't wear them yet because of my belly but it won't be much longer until I can! The Iro jeans, size 24, will have to wait until I'm back around my pre pregnancy weight before they'll fit on me. The Rag & Bone jeans, size 24, will most definitely fit right after I have my little babe but I will need to have them taken in when I'm back to 95 lbs. Weird how the same size can vary between brands. I'm probably a size 23 in Rag & Bone jeans and unfortunately for me size 23 jeans are more of a rarity on ThredUp.

Iro Jeans

New With Tags !

$159 - $20

Rag & Bone Jeans

$253 - $40



I started this post about a week and a half ago. My sinuses were acting up and I could not go to sleep. I stayed up drinking tea & crying a couple of nights. My sinuses are still acting up but I can at least sleep at night. I'v also been really frustrated with the skin on my belly stretching. I'v been trying to find before and after pics of other preggo women with stretch marks similar to mine but I can't seem to find any; the way my skin is stretching is kind of different. I think the not knowing of how my skin will look like postpartum is what's really bothering me. Will it be saggy? Will the scars be extremely visible? How am I going to fix my skin if it is really saggy & if there are very visible scars? I don't like the idea of doing any invasive surgery like a tummy tuck. I'v read up on some treatments for reducing stretch mark scars & some are pretty pricey. I'd just feel so bad spending so much money on something cosmetic.

It's overall been really hard dealing with the rapid changes happening to my body. I know I should be enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy my worries & fears are kind of getting in the way. And not just my fears & worries about my body. I'v got so many things running through my mind.



Don't be fooled by the pretty face & smile; I feel like poo. My pregnancy hormones have been going crazy this week. Monday - Wednesday I had insane back pain all day & night. I only got it to subside a few times. Once the constant back pain went away my sinuses started acting up. I barley got an hour of sleep last night I was so incredibly uncomfortable not being able to breath and having that pressure in my sinuses. When I was able to finally sleep I was siting up right with pillows propping me up. I also used my boyfriend's body to elevate my legs. Haha he tried wiggling out from under me but I gave him a good shaking to make him stop. He sleeps like a rock so it didn't phase him and I can guarantee he remembers none of it. Hopefully this only lasts a couple days like the back pain. Oh and my skin is breaking our a tiny bit. And by that I mean I have three microscopic spots on my forehead that are easily covered up with a bit of concealer.

Earlier in the week my boyfriend had a work dinner to attend & he decided to take his Toyota FJ40. It ended up breaking down a couple blocks from home. He thought is was just because it ran out of gas but it turned out to be something else. What that something else is, is still unknown.

Even though I feel like poo, today should be a fun day. The bf & I are volunteering at a Halloween carnival his work puts on for kids. So we're going to go get some costumes & head on over there later this evening.



36 weeks & 6 days. My back has not been my friend at all today. I can't wait for my boyfriend to come home so he can rub my back a bit. I'v been trying to lay down and get comfy all day but nothing really seems to work.

We have quite a few projects going on right now. We're refinishing a coffee table & baby girl's dresser. I feel so bad because my bf has to do almost all the work by himself since I can't be around for sanding or painting. I also want to make a blanket ladder for the nursery as well. Kind of crazy how much blanket ladder's go for when it doesn't cost more than like $5 for all the material. Oh and I'v also got some new watercolor brushes coming in this week so I can paint something pretty for my baby girl.



I finally get to hold my little girl in 3 weeks or less! Kind of crazy to think how soon she's going to be here. I have been impatiently waiting for so long I am excited that the days are finally dwindling down. Lately, my back has been acting up a lot more. It'll start to feel sore after only a couple minutes of standing up and walking around. I have a maternity belt but I got a weird belly cramp about a week ago and I haven't put it on since. 

Also, can we talk about how long my hair has gotten! I am never cutting it short again! I'm also pretty ready to get rid of those roots too. I probably won't touch them up until a month or two after my little babe is born. It's just a really long process that I don't want to start while caring for an itty bitty newborn.  



The boyfriend has gone to Colorado for the weekend :/ I hate being alone but he does need to sort out a few things on a couple of houses he owns over there. This will probably be his last trip for a while since we've got our little babe coming real soon.

While my love was packing his duffel bag Vie decided he was going to try & sneak himself & his toy in there. What a cutie! He's going to have to take his daddy's place and keep me company in bed for the next 4 nights. I almost never let him up on the bed but this is one of only two circumstances that I do allow it.

Also, I wrote out a couple thank you card's for my love's mom & aunt since they got us some things from our baby registry. And I made a CD cover for our 30 week ultrasound appointment that we had recorded for my love's mom. We got it just for her when we went in to our appointment since we knew she'd probably want to see it. Thought I'd put my crafting skills to use and be all extra with the cover, makes it a bit more special for Grandma i think.

(P.S. I wrote on the inside of the CD cover 28 weeks when it's actually 30 weeks, oops!)



34 weeks & 6 days today. This past week has been the first time I'v gained more than a pound in a week. I'v gained 4lbs this week and 3 of those pounds I gained in 2-3 days. I'll have to bring that up to my midwife this Thursday when we see her again. And in those couple of days my calves got swollen very easily. Like a short walk to the mail box would make them swollen. I'm probably just retaining water because I know I didn't go crazy and over eat enough to gain that much. Also, I feel like my belly has popped out some more this past week. My fundal height has had to have finally increase. 

I also switched up my foundation from the CoverFX creme foundation to the NYX Total Control foundation. I definitely prefer the CoverFX formula so much more but they don't have my shade :/ and they carry a million shades but none of them really match me perfectly. The NYX in Vanilla matches better, maybe a tad bit light, but topping it with the CoverFX foundation that I have makes it almost perfect.

Oh and I finally found a cute dresser for the nursery! We're going to pick it up later this evening. We won't be using the mirror it comes with since I bought a really cute one a couple months back but maybe I'll use it for my vanity since I have yet to get a vanity mirror.