Hello the world of bloggs!

This is my first post at my blogg and I thought I could use this post to introduce myself. My name is Kajsa - a 24 year old soon to be 25 who lives in the 3rd biggest city in Sweden and its called Malmö. I live here with my fiancée Marcus and with our french bulldog named Mila. I will do a post about me and Marcus to introduce us as well but this post is all about me.

My main occupation is at Copenhagen Airport in Denmark where I work on the ground with all business jets. I both handle the flights and passengers and I sit coordinating in the operations around the flights. It's very difficult to try and explain what me and my colleagues do but I will post pics and write about what I do further on so you can get your own picture. So in order for me to get to work I have to take a train between Sweden and Denmark which only takes 20-30 minutes. I love my job because no day is alike, I get to met awesome people and working on a airport is very stimulating.

When Im not at the airport I do some extra work as a model and my mother agency, Nordic Model Agency, is located in Malmö. I do everything from photoshoots, runway shows, commercials etc. I do this just because it a lot of fun and it has given me plenty of amazing memories and experiences that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. You will also be able to follow me during my model jobs.

Otherwise I love to travel and experience the world and it's different cultures, people and nature - I will of course share my travels and give you guys all the tips I have on all the places I've visited and places I will visit in the future. Something I also indulge is food! You can really call me a original foodie. I very much enjoy all food experiences, wether it's a michelin star restaurant or a food truck around the corner, just as long they have delicious food. This is absolutely a subject I will post a lot about. I have plenty of more personal interests and you will find them out sooner or later in this blogg.

This was just a small intro of me - just a little nibble of my life. There will be much much more! See you soon :-)