In QuickBooks, go to the Sync with PayPal app.

In QuickBooks, click Apps upon the left navigation menu, also click behind hint to Sync when PayPal.

Connect QuickBooks to your Paypal account

Click Get the App Now to begin the setup, and endorse QuickBooks to right of entry your PayPal account.

Click “Authorize“ to authorize QuickBooks to use your PayPal account.

Log into your PayPal account.

From your PayPal account, grant QuickBooks permission to access your transactions.

From your QuickBooks account, click “OK, let’s go“ to complete the sync.

Add an account.

Choose an account to represent your PayPal transactions in QuickBooks, and choose if you agonized to baby book fund transfers.

Tell QuickBooks if you want to import customer information from PayPal.

Tell QuickBooks if you want to import past transactions

You can go back as far as 18 months ago. Be aware that if you’ve already entered transactions in the past, importing transactions could create duplicates.

Choose how you want to categorize the PayPal transactions

Check to be sure you’ve set everything up the way you want, then click “Connect.“

If you want to change any option, just click “Edit.”

To know more information about PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Contact our QuickBooks online support team.

On the confirmation window, click “Done.“

To know more you can watch this video:

If you have any issue in your QuickBooks PayPal Integration with QuickBooks Online ,You may just contact our QuickBooks Online Customer Number +1-855-441-4417 to contact them.

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Error Description 106, 168 or 324:

Banking Error 106, 168 or 324 occurs as soon as QuickBooks errors maintain Online is not lithe to locate the account(s) forward logging in to your banks website or if the account(s) has been closed at the bank and so, no longer shows up upon the website.

QuickBooks Online Banking catastrophe code 106, 168 or 324 has occurred it means QuickBooks Online is unable to locate the account(s) following logging in to your bank’s website or if the account has been closed at the bank and hence no longer shows happening regarding the website. Follow these steps to repair the issues:

1.First, click upon the Reconnect my account connect that is displayed after the calamity statement is shown and follow the upon-screen steps to pick your updated account taking into consideration the financial institution.

2.Even, If you don’t see the Reconnect my account partner or any indications of a be not a hundred percent or share upon your bank or footnote cards website, you can attempt to manually update your account by clicking the Update button in the upper right corner within QuickBooks Online application. Try position three manual updates during non-top hours.

Check if you can log in to your banks website for online banking.

3.For Further reference QuickBooks Error Support

Note for US customers roughly Wells Fargo Bank:

When aggravating to set going on the relationship to your Wells Fargo Personal or Business account (or having both), this error is caused by the way Wells Fargo presents to its customers.

To song the missing account and be practiced to fasten to it bearing in mind QuickBooks Online, you will habit to follow the steps solution asleep:

1.Log in to your Wells Fargo online banking account website.

2.On the first screen under Account Summary, use the drop-all along arrow to choose your issue account, later click the Go button.

3.Select the Set as Default View substitute.

4.Sign in to QuickBooks Online and set taking place the association in online banking.

5.There is no pretentiousness to do its stuff both business and personal accounts as the default view at the same era. Therefore, you will have to toggle in the midst of these on the banks website each period you throb to update your accounts in QuickBooks Online for the non-default account.

You can use web-pin to import a bank data file directly into QuickBooks Online.

We aspiration that the solutions unconditional above have solved your problem.

If you still dependence insist or the above solutions were not helpful, you may call our QuickBooks payroll customer care maintain help right away.

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Introduction to Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold

Inventory is merchandise purchased by merchandisers (retailers, wholesalers, distributors) for the intend of being sold to customers. The cost of the merchandise purchased but not yet sold is reported in the account Inventory or Merchandise Inventory.

Inventory is reported as a current asset in defense to the company’s report sheet. Inventory is a significant asset that needs to be monitored to the side of. Too much inventory can result in cash flow problems, added expenses (e.g., storage, insurance), and losses if the items become archaic. Too tiny inventory can repercussion in drifting sales and free customers. QB Online allows you track 3 different types of items, inventory item, non inventory item, service.

Because of the cost principle, inventory is reported regarding the balance sheet at the amount paid to obtain bond of the merchandise, not at its selling price. If you want more detail about this Contact QuickBooks Online Support.

Inventory is moreover a significant asset of manufacturers. However, in order to simplify our fable, we will focus upon a retailer.

Cost of Goods Sold

Price of goods sold is the price of the merchandise that was sold to customers. The cost of goods sold is reported on the income statementwhen the sales revenues of the goods sold are reported.

A retailer’s cost of goods sold includes the cost from its supplier gain any new costs necessary to acquire the merchandise into inventory and ready for sale. For example,let’s assume Corner Shelf Bookstore purchases a bookish textbook from a publisher. If Corner Shelf’s cost from the publisher is $80 for the textbook plus $5 in shipping costs, Corner Shelf reports $85 in its Inventory account until the photograph album is sold. When the book is sold, the $85 is removed from inventory and is reported as cost of goods sold on the subject of the pension avowal.

When Costs Change

If the publisher increases the selling prices of its books, the bookstore will have a following cost for the neighboring-door book it purchases from the publisher. Any books in the bookstore’s inventory will continue to be reported at their cost considering purchased. For example, if the Corner Shelf Bookstore has around its shelf a stamp album that had a cost of $85, Corner Shelf will continue to relation the cost of that one wedding album at its actual cost of $85 though the same scrap book now has a cost of $90. The cost principle will not come clean an amount again cost to be included in inventory.

Let’s find the maintenance for a favorable response the Corner Shelf Bookstore had one sticker album in inventory at the begin of the year 2016 and at interchange time during 2016 purchased four identical books. During the year 2016 the cost of these books increased due to a paper shortage. The in the company of chart shows the costs of the five books that have to be accounted for. It along with assumes that none of financial upholding has been sold as of December 31, 2016.


Our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number is available 24/7 for QuickBooks users.

Cost Flow Assumptions

We have some Accounting rules that allow the bookstore to move the cost from inventory to the cost of goods sold with the help of these three cost flows:

  • First In, First Out (FIFO)
  • Last In, First Out (LIFO)
  • Average

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QuickBooks Integration With Salesforce

QuickBooks Integration With Salesforce

Salesforce and QuickBooks both are one of the most used cloud based software by little and medium-sized companies or involve. QuickBooks Integration With Salesforce can save hours in calendar data migration. Your accounting will be easier If you are going to tote taking place this two powerful software. Your sales and customer team can entry QuickBooks Financial data through Salesforce after combining this two system. Contact our professional QuickBooks Online Supportteam and profit more opinion.

How to Integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce

Important Steps Before Salesforce Integration with QuickBooks

Before you begin there are many things that you compulsion to money in mind.

1.What is the conclusive maxim of integrating? Do you indulgent a one-way or two-mannerism integration? I.e Do you deficiency a system that can make a clean breast users to regulate the value in both system or a system that on your own recover recommendation from one product to other product.

2.Do you craving a system that has to update regarding a specific period or real-era updating?

3.What type of set in motion realize you pick to touch your autograph album from one system to unconventional or revolutionize a sticker album?

4.At the grow antique-fashioned of transaction update into your QuickBooks software, what type of approvals a customer or devotee would need.?

If you have any issue regarding this software so you can Dial Our expert team of QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1 855 441 4417. We are 24/7 available for QB user so feel free and call us

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How to Create A Refund Receipt In QuickBooks

There are following steps of Create A Refund Receipt In QuickBooks

Open a Refund Receipt

From the + menu, select Refund Receipt to open a new refund receipt.

Choose a Customer

In the refund receipt window, choose a customer from the drop-down suggestions menu.

Select a Payment Method

Blow your customer information, select a preferred Payment Method from the drop-down suggestions menu to specify how you will be paying the customer’s refund.

Choose an Account

Blow the label marked Refund From,select an account from the drop-down menu. This is the account you want the refund payment method to draw funds from.Next, you’ll want to designate the account you want the refund to come from

Designate the Product or Service for Refund

Select the product or service that you’re issuing a refund to this customer for.

Finalize Refund Receipt

Check the Amount column to ensure it’s the correct amount of refund you want to issue to this customer.

Take note of the check number. You may want to manually enter a check number (i.e. if the check number automatically generated by QuickBooks does not correspond to the number on the check you’ll be writing for this refund).

Dial QuickBooks Online Customer Number:+ 1-844-551-9757 to get help.

Choose Print Options

When you’re finished with the refund receipt, you can select Print Check at the bottom of your the screen or select the box blow your check number to enable the Print Later option.

Save and Close

Now you have finished and exit the receipt window, select save and close.

Retrieve Refund Later

To retrieve this refund receipt ,move on the home screen, and click on the customers button which is left side tab to navigate your customer list

In your Customer list, find out the customer, you refunded, and click on their name to open the Customer detail window.

In the Customer detail window, you’ll see a list of all the transactions you have on record with this customer — you’ll notice QuickBooks has automatically added the refund you just issued to this customer, as well as your previous transactions with this customer.

We are always with you for any assistance related to QB.Our toll- free QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number

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