A ever ending lovestory: Göteborg  <3 Part 1

In the very first article I would like to explain why I started this blog.... and why this love story feels unique...


I have seen much- did much- but I wish to safe these experiences of amazing places around the world somewhere- share.... in this blogg...

....if you are dreamer- that likes to trave in your mind-

......if you are a traveler looking for inspiration

....or just a friend, a colleague, a neighbour, a gym- kompis- getting curious....

you all are warmly welcome to join my trips in this blog traveling with you arround the world <3



Blogging? Our trip starts in my personal base: WEST COAST SWEDEN: Gothenburg

Why is Gothenburg as a base special? I am not born in Sweden, neither wanted I have anything to do with it 7 years ago.

What changed my mind? well... I guess I have to start right from the start:

The very start: I started traveling much, already as a child, with my family. I appreciated that I was that fortune to be able to do that- I am aware not everyone is. The first trip I did all by myself was the biggest. It was my time in High School in the USA.

The first time separated from all you are used to, all by yourself, as a 16 year old. It was terrifying but amazing at the same time! Being confronted with hurting yourself and your family- traveling to the unknown. But my will was strong, my heart was sure: that is the right way.

That time set a milestone, build the base for all trips that came after, due to the courage, self-confidence but also language knowledge that opened the world for me.

Why Sweden? In 2011 I had a boyfriend working for an international company with it's headquarter in Finland. He was pretty successful in his sport and job career - and since i decided to spend the rest of the life with him I needed to learn Finnish (I thought). Well starting with Finish makes you realize: you will never reach a professional language level in one year.

Luckily a research project crossed my way. The goal was to work with research covering four different coutries. I was responsible for the Sweden-Germany comparison. Since i wanted to build my (research) career and combining it with my boyfriends career plans I said yes. Learning Swedish seemd to be easier that Finish. I was not interested in Sweden before... but knowing I will spend the next eight months of my life there- I started skipping psychology lectures at university and participating in Swedish lectures instead.

I did not understand a word, the language was way to similar to my mother tongue- which confused me. Some "Freaks" (That's how I thought about them at that time) that loved that weird country Sweden and Vikings- were able to speak.... I felt mainly stupd in that course.

Well I passed the exam- and took the flight to Arlanda, Stockholm.

During that research project I was in touch with many people, experienced jobplaces and my first "köttbullar, Swedish snow and Swedish loneliness".... by the way the relationship to my boyfriend ended during my time in Sweden....

I returned to my home country.... building my career.... working as the society expects you to my way up from trainee to full time employee with responsibilities and a good salary. Life could have been perfect....

If it was not for that big hole I felt growing in my heart.... it was not about a man. I did not understand what it was.... I had everything I needed: Family, Job, Friends..... career.... I guess the next steps in life would have been building a house and getting kids....

My best friend in Sweden saw how I felt and we decided to plan a spontaneous visit..... I was sick and lying in his parents house in bed.... it felt like my body was fighting something I could not explain.... I had worked to much... suppressed what I really wanted.... living everydaylife- like people expect you to- not listening at all to the voice that led the right path whenever I needed it the most......

Returning to my home country.... I felt those days in Sweden cleaned my soul.... gave me the safe feeling that everything will be okay....

So I registered to a higher business- education program- packed my belogings into my car and drove - with opposition from all my loved ones to an unknown world in Gothenburg.

Today I realize it was the start of something big!