I have so much on my mind..

But the moment I wanna vent and just let it all out...

It disappears..

I've been meaning to write my feelings out here for a while now

But I don't know what to type..

There's just so much, and I don't know where to start.

I want to start a "Go ahead and pour your heart out!" page, for other people that have a lot on their mind..

But I don't think anyone would actually participate...

I don't know...

Maybe I will... We'll see..

I just feel like the world is going against me or something, I don't know what to do...

Or how to feel..

Well, I do know that I feel really lonely at times.

And I honestly don't like that feeling at all..

I just want it to go away...

Maybe blogging here will make me feel less lonely and not have that much on my mind...

I don't know,

We'll see what I'll do :)

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My Day, Thoughts

You guys

I know I have been really bad at updating here...

Don't really know if I have a working excuse so I'll just explain myself.

Last time I blogged, I guess it was about my prom dress.

I bought one instead and it was tight on time and also a really tight dress.

So I had some trouble with it.

But it worked out. Sorta

And prom was fun I guess.

It wasn't a big deal actually.

And then I graduated

That whole week was just epic and I'd do anything to relive it.

Right now... I guess I'm looking for a job before summer is over.

I doubt I'll get one but it's alright though.

I'm going to Spain at the end of August.

Apparently I'm not allowed to but I honestly don't care. They didn't tell the rules before and they can't really force me to not go. Like what can happen...?

I've started a YouTube channel. And also another blog. connected to the channel.

I'm calling myself ThroughMyEyes, the blog's name however it WordsThroughMyEyes

Feel free to join me on my journey.

The future...

I have some plans. I guess...

There's this program I've applied to and I hope I'll get in.

After that... I hope I'll get a job in the movie business. Hopefully abroad.

If it doesn't work out then I want to study movie making in California!

That's my plan for now. I want to get a job so I can save up some money.

But I also want to live.

It's hard to have both and it's hard to just get a job.

I'm trying to get my license so maybe it'll get a bit easier to get a job once that's done.

But we'll see...

Other than that...

I guess I'll try to get back to updating here...

I still have a lot of ranting and I need a place to get it all out.

So maybe I'll use this blog again.

Anyways, that was all for me.




I know it has been a while since i last updated.

I am done with most of my classes in school

So I basically don't hve to be there anymore

Other than Thursdat, maybe Friday too, and also on Monday, if my teacher is there

Which he never is

So I am basically done with school

I ordered a prom dress,

It was beautiful...

But it was too tight.


Prom is next week...

And I still don't have a dress....

I ordered one in a bigger size.

I just hope it'll arrive at the end of this week, because I am freaking out a bit...


That was a little update on me and what's going on right now



My Day, Thoughts

Hello blog,

Long time no see

Or is that just me?

Oh well, I just figured I'd update myself

I gave up making my prom dress 'cause it looks like a disaster

So I ordered one online and am just gonna put some sparkily things on it

I was so stressed out and I felt like I wouldn't be able to finish it, and even if I did, it wouldn't look good

Or at least not as good as I wanted it to.

I am basically done with school and am just chilling at the moment

I have a speech left that I will do on Wednesday.

And a project and a paper in movie and TV production

And after that I will just try to raise my grade

I don't really feel stressed about school

I just feel stressed about everything around school

I'm trying to calm down and not worry that much

But it scares me that graduation is so close

It was so far not long ago

I dont really want to graduate!!

I don't know

I feel like I don't have a plan after that, but I do.

I just have to start!


Life is hard sometimes



My Day


I guess my dress is going pretty well

I still have a lot to do I guess

But so far so good,

I've done a few mistakes,

But it is all fixed

So far at least

I'm scared of presenting my speech on Wednesday,

But hopefully it'll be harmless and easy...

I just want it done already

I was suppose to work on it now

But I figured that I have no distractions tomorrow in school

So I'll just do it then

And besides I only have one class

After that I'm going home


I was thinking ofworking out tomorrow morning

Go for a run since it has been a long while

And then do some home workouts

Also workout today

Since I have that commitment to myself

So I should start now, I guess

A little break on my dress making



My Day

Good day my beautiful blog!

I don't know if I wrote it yesterday, I honestly don't think I did since it happened pretty late yesterday


I decided to make a new prom dress.

Aka, not continue one the one I've been working on.

I decided to only make a simple one.

Since I'm not an expert and fixing the one I already have...

It'll just be a hassle

So, thats what I have been doing today

I can't continue though since I need a zipper and the boobpads or whatever they're called hahah

Other than that, I've been working on my speech and I havehalf of it left.

Hopefully I'll be done with it tonight, since I really just want it overwith


It has been really nice weather so I was outside doing the homework while taking a break

The last coupld of days though, I've been painting our very large livingroom.

That was...

Not even gonna lie...

The most horrible thing ever

But it is done and it's over and I don't ever wanna see white paint ever again...


So that was most of the things that have been going on in my life

If I have any active followers. how have our week been :) ?



My Day


I've been bad at updating, I am aware of that

It has been much with school and just in general

I will get back at this as soon as it has slowed down again

Right now I just wanna finish making my prom dress..

Which looks like crap right now!

So we'll see if the results come out good..



My Day

Good day

I hope you are having an awesome day so far:)

Beacuse I am

Well, lets say that I am having an awesome day

It is only 2.30pm though, so it might turn even more positive in a few hours

Who knows?

Anyways, I slept in and then I went to school

I haven't been on my morning runs anymore, which I usually do on Tuesdays

I don't know why I stopped,

But to be honest, I actually need to sleep

I've lost so much sleep the last couple of week, it's good to catch up

Anyhow, I went to school

Only had one class, which is where I'm suppose to write a speech and present next week

So that was all,

I then met up with my sister, and we went to Burger King to eat ice cream since I missed the bus

Now I'm just sitting outside in the lovely weather and am taking a small break from my speech writing

I really just wanna get the speech over with so I don't have anything else to do

Other than theextra assignments I'm gonna ask for to bump up my grade.

Tomorrow we have an exhibit in my school and then I am free Thursday and Friday

I really don't wanna stay late in school tomorrow

So I'll see if I can bend it a bit and only stay for an hour or so hahah

Because I really just wanna get home and chill outside

Especially in this very nice weather

It is not sun everyday here so I wanna enjoy it as much as I can!!



My Day

Good day people :)

Today was a really unnecessary day in school

I had my first class, which I don't do a thing in, so I just reviewed my report before turning it in

And then I had a free period where I just edited a vlog for a school project.

After thatI had a class where the teacher were not in town to lecture..

So I spent more hours on editing the vlog, and it ended up at 8 minutes

My last class, the teacher was away too, so my film-teacher started it and disappeared.

I asked him about the vlog and how long it should be, and he said that mine was too long

So I edited it some more in that class..

It ended up at 4 minutes, I'm still not done though

I'm gonna finish it tomorrow and add music, and then it's getting uploaded on YouTube.

Don't worry, the music is not illeagal to use if you got worried!

Hopefully he thinks it is okay.

I'm gonna see if I can make it shorter than it is now

If not then that'll do I guess :)

Now, I was gonna try o write on my speech actually

But I left my school laptop in school, because it is annoying to take home

So I guess I'll actually have to work in class tomorrow

Which I don't mind

That was it for today so far

And I'm gonna do a little workout today:)

Getting fit for the summer :)!!




Oh my God guys!!'

I might have found the most perfect app for me!!

It is called "Vent"

And you basically pic an emotion you are feeling out of the words that pop up.

And then you can vent about your emotions!

And the best part is that there is no caracther limit!!

So you can write a whole story!! How awesome isn't that??

Pretty awesom if you ask me!!

I absolutely love it.

And then you have "listeners" as followers and you can send the other people a thought

It's my new favorite app!!

Since I really need to vent most of the time

That is the app for me!

(P.s. This is NOT a sponsored post! I just really needed to write about it because of how awesome it is!)