10.22 am, I'm sitting here in school, waiting for class to start, so I thought "why not, let's do my first post here". Said and done.

I'm gonna share a bit of my everyday-life with you on here, mainly about the things I truly love to do, but also thoughts on different topics and such.

I'm soon gonna do a little throwback to when I was in London and in Budapest, since I'm not going anywhere (what I know of right now) until the end of the year, I thought showing you where I've been recently could be a pretty good start. But that's for another day.

Today, I thought I was gonna share a few room decor tips with you all! I recently went a little shopaholic with the thought of changing my room a bit. I switched place on some furniture and just bought a few things that would change my room a bit. I also ordered two things, but they haven't been delivered yet, so I'll show you as soon as I get them!
So, what I've done for now is pretty simple things. I actually just bought a few things that would spice it up.
I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of how it looked before, but I sure have of how it looks now. So I'll put them up.

I also have a DIY (Do It Yourself) I'm working on right now, a canvas painting. So I'm gonna work on that and later tell and show you about it. I think it can be pretty good if I don't mess it up actually! Let's pray I won't..
Anyways, take care of you and I'll se you soon!

Music tip of the day: R.City - Checking For You
Mahalo, till we meet again. XO, Jonna

The two pictures at the top is what I bought. And the two pictures down below is the result. (The animal cover is new as well).