Happy Birthday to me!

• I do not suit a fringe.

• You will always wake up with a big zit on the day of an important event / night out.

• Being a Mum is the best thing, like, EVER.

• Your body is fucking amazing. Look after it accordingly.

• Visit your Grandparents as often as you can, because they won't be around forever. And they happen to think you're pretty great.

• Call your Mum while you're at it, too. Because she's AWESOME.

• Your Dad is probably too cool to admit it, but he worries about you too. Call him.

• Try your hardest to maintain a strong bond with your sibling(s). Life may take you in separate directions, but they are the only people on Earth who are the same as you on the inside.

• No matter how hard I try, I will never EVER enjoy exercise.

• When it comes to friendships, quality over quantity really is the truth.

• Embrace change, no matter how scary or how much you hate it. With change comes new opportunity.

• The song 'Enola Gay' by OMD will always put you in a good mood.

• Frostbite is not fun.

• Dogs are good for the soul. Own at least one in your lifetime, pet them, use them as a filter to make you look cuter than you actually are...

• Wear whatever you want.

• True love will creep up on you when you least expect it. But I can guarantee that it will be exactly when you need it the most.

• If you're ever having a bad day, just remember that you were alive at the same time as Beyoncé. (Also, see 'Enola Gay')

• It is completely acceptable to spend an hour pruning your eyebrows, only to leave the house with unbrushed hair.

• You know nothing of your capabilities until you have a child. Things like; how many things you can get done in under 3 minutes / do with one hand / do in complete silence.

• When everything goes horribly wrong, keep calm and don't loose your head.

• I'm really bad at accepting compliments.

• Being well travelled is the best gift you can give yourself.

• Time alone is not only good for you, it's necessary.

• I am the most thankful for (and the least deserving of) my fast metabolism.

• Family is everything and, together, will overcome anything.

• Life is pretty beautiful, when you think about it.

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So, now that Christmas is out of the way (and then some...) my attention has been turned to....... SUMMER! Mainly; what my little Poppy will be wearing in the Summer.

My usual spots to hit first when Poppy-Shopping are John Lewis, Gap, M&S, Next, Little White Company & Monsoon (sometimes River Island but I find most things in there are too much like adult clothes), and they haven't disappointed so far for Poppy's Summer wardrobe BUT....

Then I stumbled upon the Stella McCartney Kids section on Child Salon's website 🙊

It's hard to know whether Poppy will be walking come Summer, what sizes she'll be in (we don't call her 'Poppy Long Legs' for nothin') or how she'll find the heat, etc so I have resisted going crazy so far.

But here's a few things I think she's going to 'NEED' -

The 'Bell' Spotty Tulle Dress

I actually saw this dress first on Arielle Noa Charmas' (@SomethingNavy) baby Instagram account (@Something_Baby) - That is going to be one stylish baby!

The 'Pink Bunny Body'

The 'Toffee Birdie All-in-One'

The 'Peachy Ines Dress'

Also; whilst snooping around looking for cute garms for my babe, I stumbled across a few things I might have to start saving up for for myself...

The 'Denim Botanical Mini Tote Bag'

Quite fitting for a nappy bag, no....?

The 'Red Lips iPhone 6 Cover'

I genuinely am in desperate need of a new phone case! I always opt for a silicone one - Always a little safer when you have a little one who loves to throw your phone on the floor mid-Peppa Pig episode!

So, to sum up; I need to get saving for Summer...!

Just Jessica...



My 'Shoe Game' has been STRONG today, thanks to my new babies from EGO Official.

EGO Official is an online shoe boutique I found through Instagram (where, I have to admit, I do a lot of my shopping these days). They have a great choice of everything from everyday flats to really special evening heels, and boots of course!

Faux snakeskin + Over the knee length + Super comfy = WIN.

And for those a little less daring, the 'Ivy' boot is also available in a really sweet ankle length, too.

I wore them with my chunky cream aran knit jumper and blue jeans.

Almost the weekend!

Just Jessica...



Monday's are never high on the Richter scale of excitement for me (they usually involve several loads of washing & the weekly dust), but today's immense fog situation meant mine & Poppy's 'Stay Indoors' game was particularly strong.

Not that I minded much, because I got to sit and stare at the beautiful Autumn Hydrangeas I FINALLY got my hands on; and from my Aunty's garden of all places.

They're sitting pretty on our bedroom windowsill.

So worth the wait.

In other news: Poppy finally rolled herself over on the living room rug, so there's no stopping her now!

Hope you're having a great week.

And, in case you were wondering: Yes, I did get my washing done 😉

Just Jessica...



With the little one down for the night (hopefully...!), I thought I would take a second to sit back and recap all the fun I've been having the past few days.

My Mum came to stay with us on Thursday evening, having been out for dinner with friends in the area, so she could enjoy all the Poppy cuddles and giggles she could before we headed to Meadowhall in Sheffield on Friday.
The aim of the game: Find her an outfit to wear for Poppy's upcoming Christening. Although we didn't actually come home with anything; she definitely got lots of ideas to work with. It's a difficult thing to try and dress for - dressy but daytime - tough! Plus everything seemed to be creeping heavily toward sparkly party dresses.
She has a little time yet to find the perfect frock, the Christening isn't until the 29th of November.
As always, though, my outfit is already sorted...! Any excuse for a frock!

Meadowhall was jam-packed of freshly paid Christmas shoppers stopping off to purchase a costume for Halloween, but we managed to get round like pros!

My purchases were few but significant; including a beautiful pair of tights to match Poppy's Christening gown, a hairdryer for the Mr (yes, really...) and some lovely Christmas tree baubles. Oh, and something to send to Santa for the Little Miss of course...

For the occasion, I wore my gorgeous new Topshop frayed 'midi' dress which had arrived in the post the day before. It's such a great length to go with my trusty over-knee boots, I just threw on some red lippy and was ready to go!

We spent our Halloween perusing our local florist in the morning (I have been lusting after some Autumn Hydrangeas for a while, to no avail), then paid a visit to the burial ground.
We were feeling lazy so we went home and spent the afternoon snuggling with the fire on watching Harry Potter & The Theory of Everything before an early night.

I was feeling girlie so I played Matchies with Poppy and threw on my new pink neck-tie tunic.

Poppy wasn't interested in Harry Potter at all, she is far more enthralled by wriggling all over the living room floor at the moment, chewing on her toes and very....... Nearly....... Almost rolling over! Any minute now!

Little Pumpkin.

Today was spent breakfasting (as usual!) and a casual wander round town to burn it off before a huge family gathering for my Grandad's 83rd Birthday.

I broke out the fringe dress again, but this time paired it with my old leather jacket and huge sunnies.

Have a great week!

Just Jessica...



My little Poppy has had a cold the last few days, so I have been dealing with coughs, sneezes, sniffly noses and a crazy lack of sleep...! And although I'm still not feeling quite human, she is definitely back on form.

So, we went for a lovely breakfast date with her favourite Aunties at All Bar One for lots of cuddles and a catch up. AND we weren't late for once!

This is what she wore -

She looks so grown up in her little polo neck jumper from Next, I bought it in a size 9-12 months so she can wear it as a dress until it fits properly. Anything to try and make her outfits last!

Her little trousers are from M&S and have the cutest floral & insect print. She had a little romper in this fabric when she was teeny in the summer and loved it so much I bought these for the winter. And, again; with her long legs she seems to fit a size 6-9 months already so they should last her a little while. SHOULD!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend whatever you're up to!

Just Jessica...



It's always a bonus when you can do your weekly shop and pick up something cute for your little one. My local Sainsburys store always delivers in this respect, and this week they had a whole new winter range in stock - So in the interest of getting my Little Miss all ready for winter, I had to take a look!

They had pretty much everything you could ask for to keep tiny people cosy & cute no matter what their age; from denim pinafore dresses to cable knit leggings, fluffy cloud-like duffle coats and gorgeous fine knitted rompers with beautiful button detail.

I like to look for options outside of the usual array of pink for Poppy, and Sainsburys have kindly offered up a range of vintage inspired 'Magical Forest' pieces, which feature lots of floral prints and knits in cream, beige, navy, pink & red.

I opted for this gorgeous fleece lined 'Coatigan' for £11 which will go with everything in her wardrobe, and I find that anything heavier than this gets her too warm while she's in her car seat if we're out & about.

I love the fact that it looks like it could have been 'passed down' & also that it doesn't have a hood with ears as everything seems to now. Don't get me wrong, I love a hood with ears, but a change is good!

She'll be wearing it with her new Baby Gap 'Sherpa' mittens which came in the post today (online shopping I love you), and she will be all set for when the weather gets frosty!

Just Jessica...



It finally felt like Autumn today, so our plans for a nice long walk somewhere scenic were dashed. This meant a lovely long lie in (even Poppy slept through!), and Alice in Wonderland in bed trying to decide how to spend our Sunday.
I find that, since we've been parents; our decision making skills have been reduced to the following: "Can we get coffee there?" / "Will there be coffee?" / "Let's have a coffee while we decide!" / "Let's just go and get coffee!" So, we took our little peach for, you guessed it - a coffee date.

We did a little shopping in our local town afterwards and then a family Sunday Roast; so I had to make sure my outfit saw me through the day.
I dug out my black & tan retro chevron print tunic & paired it with my faithful faded grey ripped Jamie jeans, both Topshop.
I've been waiting all summer for an excuse to raid my coat cupboard, but the weather wasn't quite enough to warrant anything heavy, which is where these lightweight jersey waistcoats come in handy. I have another in a grey-blue and they go with pretty much everything. And the length is perfect for hiding hips & bums.

I added my new eBay bargain thigh-high boots & I was good to go! These are special enough to spice up most outfits but are so comfy which mean I was able to last all day in them, looking super Cosy & 'Autumny'!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Just Jessica...



Tonight was one of those evenings where it took three or four attempts at looking through the fridge, freezer and several cupboards before deciding what to rustle up to feed my hungry but fussy fella.

And after all that scampering round the kitchen, it had to be QUICK. Luckily this King Prawn & Pesto Spaghetti recipe took just 15 mins from start to finish and was super tasty!

Step 1. Put a large handful of spaghetti into large pan of pre-boiling water (you always need less than you think). I choose not to salt the water but I do like a drop of olive oil in there. Leave to cook for 12 minutes. Have glass of wine (you're welcome).

Step 2. Drain pasta and leave to one side.

Step 3. In the same pan, throw in some juicy king prawns. They could even be frozen but I like mine butterflied.

Step 4. After a minute or so, throw in half a jar of tomato passata or similar sieved-tomato type sauce. Add a large spoonful of sun dried tomato pesto and stir together.

Step 5. This is where you change it up and add whatever veg you like (or have left over in the fridge), but I opted for a large handful of frozen spinach (I am slightly obsessed with frozen spinach, but you will learn this...)

Step 6. Throw in whatever cheese you have lying round the fridge that needs using up; I just happened to have some pre-grated mozzarella which worked a treat (and is slightly better for the waistline)!

Step 7. Stir all together with the spaghetti so it's all cheesey a gooey and voila!

I hope you enjoy!

Just Jessica...