So to start this post off I'm just gonna point out that everyone has there own way of working out and staying in shape. Many people like going to the gym while others like to workout outside. For me I enjoy doing both. Today, I kept it simple and went out for a run. Running is one of the best ways to build abdominal muscles (abs) and leg muscles. Running works a lot of your core and your breathing. By running your endurance grows stronger making it possible for you to workout harder. The better your endurance is the longer you can run. I love to run because it gets rid of a lot of my anger and releases many more of my emotions. Usually if I am having a really bad day I'll go out for a run just to get my mind off things. In the end running does not only help you train your body but also helps you train your emotions. If your just starting to train your endurance make sure to keep it simple. Run a short amount of time and then keep adding on! Reaching your goal takes time so don't rush!
Running=Thumbs up