So I created this blog sometime ago and I never really got into it, but I thought I would try again. I currently cannot post any fitness posts because my arm is healing from a cracked elbow, but I will start training again in a few weeks and start posting my fitness routine then.

I thought that I would fill everyone in on what's been going on in my life. Over the summer I traveled back home to Sweden to visit my beautiful girlfriend! We did basically anything that we thought was fun: canoeing, bowling, mini golf, went on a cruise to Finland, biked, grilled, went swimming in the lakes etc. I had an AMAZING summer with her. Now I am back in Denver going to school which is a total bummer. The hardest thing about long distance relationships is when you've spent an entire summer together and gotten so used to waking up next to each other and doing everything together and then having to say goodbye and not be able to do any of those things. My girlfriend is honestly so amazing and I don't think I tell her this enough. I cracked my elbow like I mentioned before and she took care of me the entire first week and didn't complain once! She is so caring and patient it's unbelievable. Thanks for an amazing summer Kajsa and thanks for being so great!

Well, I can't promise that this whole blogging thing is going to workout, but I am going to try! Stay tuned to find out.