Highlights of 2019

I just realized that it's been almost a year since I last posted on my blog. In 2020 I will do better! I wanted to make a little recap of my last year. Maybe you'll find that interesting or else it'll just be fun for me to do. 2019 has been a year full of sorrow, overthinking, pain, happiness, joy and great achievements for me. I guess we all have ups and downs, but I truly hope and expect 2020 to be a great year for both me, my family and you guys!

I'll include some of my favorite Instagram pictures from some of my favorite experiences of 2019. In April, Niklaes, and I traveled to Dubai for the first time. It was an overwhelming city, and I kinda liked that everything was just brand new and super luxurious. Another great thing about Dubai is that it's warm all year round, so you can always enjoy the sunshine whenever you visit.

On the 1st of July we flew to Cyprus, and that vacation was just what we needed. We were by the pool the entire week except from one day where we rented an ATV (we always do this when we're on a charter vacation) and we drove around the island. We had so much fun just playing games and having drinks by the pool, enjoying our summer vacay.

The rest of the month we spent most of our time in Copenhagen, which is awesome in the summertime btw. We also drove around Zealand to experience some other cities in our own country. We went to Hornbæk - and the beach there was amazing! I spent a lot of time with my best friends, and we also had a lot of family dinners. Ever since I've gotten older I truly appreciate spending time with my family.

In August we went to Rhodes with Niklaes' family. It was such a lovely trip and the hotel was amazing. We had been there once before and recommended it to his family and they all loved it. The hotel is called Sunprime Miramare Beach in Rhodes, Greece. One of the days Niklaes and I rented an ATV and drove around the entire island and on another day we all took a boat trip to Symi Island.

September was a crazy month for me. Kelsey Simone, my all time favorite Youtuber, invited me to her event in New York during Fashion Week. I wrote my best friend @johanneappel like "Hi, would you by any chance want to go to New York with my next week?". She was all in, so we flew to New York six days later I think. That was such a crazy trip and we were totally jetlagged the entire time, cause we were only there for 4 days. But during those 4 days we created some amazing memories and I'm so glad that we got that opportunity and grabbed it. I hope 2020 will be as amazing as my September was.

I wish you all a great 2020!

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Tak for et godt år, søde. Jeg er så taknemmelig for vores eventyr til New York. Det var en skøn tur, som jeg er så glad for, at vi fik den oplevelse sammen <3 Jeg glæder mig til at se hvad 2020 vil bringe vores vej!
Wishing you a year full of Septembers, enjoy Jules <3
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