Hey! Today I'm coming to you thematically- Valentine's Day approaching and what's going on? Lots of problems with choosing a gift. I have collected a few gifts for you. So the question is 'What would you like on Valentine's Day'?


#1. A romantic dinner and marathon of movies or cinema? The idea can be trite, but it always works! I despite the fact that I am a fan of love movies, so I will gladly go on. For those who do not find anything interesting in the cinema, I suggest to prepare a list of 4-6 films and make a movie marathon with the other half.

#2. Write love letter to each other? If you never done it before, now is the time to put in writing why your partner is so special to you. Tell them which of the qualities you most admire, how they make you feel and why you fell in love with them.

#3. An evening of games and entertainment! Bowling, Ice Skating ore even more. Time spent in this way for two will surely satisfy both sides, you will break up, you will go crazy, you put into practice a bit of competition, ideas and advantages are many!


Here probably will be the most ideas. I don't know if this is due to the fact that women are really easier to buy a gift or that I am a woman and I know what would make me happy and my joy.

#1. Make up! No matter how many women already have them in their collection, new ones will always find suitable place and they will definitely be useful.

  • lipstick or lip gloss- depending on your preferences, colourful, reflective, bright, matt or shiny.
  • nail polish- every possible drugstore offers them with a whole range of colours. Your partner will have a really good time choosing the best colour that will look good on you.

#2. Jewellery? The simplest gift and the most certainly that you will hit the taste :) Bracelets, necklaces, rings or charms? Everything according to the taste of your partner.

#3. Big teddy bear with flowers or box of chocolate! I don't know why, but girls really love such sweet thing that they will always associate with their men.


I left the most better at the end. I don't know a girl who would know what to buy for their partner. Surprisingly, many men would be more pleased with their gift made by hand than if it's ready material. You can also combine a DIY gift with a small trifle, because it turns out that the personal contribution is more prised than financial.

#1. Photo memory box? The memory box it's going to be a really good surprise for your partner especially when there are lots of amazing memory photos that you can always look back at and remember all the good times you both had.

#2. Breakfast in bed? If you don't exactly have any ideas of what to give to your partner, but you know that you are a really good cook, breakfast in bed would be the perfect surprise and if you like you can also add something small as a gift.

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A lot of thoughts came into my mind about if you put all your plans for later, you will not be able to realise them. You start to regret and create a million plans in your head that you could have done differently. And what if tomorrow want happened?

Unwanted chances hurt the most. Unfortunately I never see what fate gives me, only from the perspective of time I notice what I had, how much I could and how many opportunities missed me, or I did not take advantage of them. With some things I chose to do I would like to turn back time and rethink about doing them differently or not doing it in such an early age when I could have that time to have other things done and concentrate on. If I would make different decision, everything would look batter today.

I know now that making choices and doing things different I learn a lot to check what is for me and what's not.

If you want to be somewhere else, then go. If you want a different life, change something. If something is important to you, try not to lose it. If you care, then show it off, fight. If you miss something, try to recover it. Do not wait for good chances, because it may not be. I was 16 yesterday, today I am 19 and tomorrow I'm afraid that it may not be. Just keep in mind that no one has promised you a peaceful, long life. If you love, then tell me about it.



Hey! Today I decided to give you something... motivating. I will try to make this entry not boring, but to give you motivation and prove that it is ALWAYS worth it and NEVER GIVE UP.

Ever since I remember, school was never my thing, even though it was always difficult for me I tried my best. I always had to be the best and do my best. This was due to my mother's ambition, she always forced me to study, and never was good enough, because in all there was something more interesting than some study.

Let's start with high school my grades were great in year 7 and half way through year 8. Then year 9 was more harder and teachers always wanted high expectation. It was harder for me to study subjects that I wasn't the best at but I never had time to catch up on them because we always had a lot of assesments and I always wanted to finish them on time. Same with year 10 work was also hard and teachers also wanted high expectation. It was still hard for me at the beginning but then at the end of year 10 I decided to ask for help with some of my assesments that I had difficulties with so I have less to finish at home but have more time to study at home.

And at the end of the year when I found out that my grades improved and that I did good on my exams I knew that it was worth it to have more time to study at home. That's why I didn't gave up and was always telling myself that I can do it.



Spring weather is accompanied by nearly 2 months. In stores, there are new collections to choose from: shorts, tops, dresses and bikinis. The choice is huge and I always have a problem what to choose. Today I prepared my spring with Zaful's shop. I hope you like my inspirations ;)

Which clothes do you like the most? As you can see, this season brought a lot of colors. When it comes to go to the beach you will find a perfect bikini. For sport fans, I found comfortable outfit for workouts at home and at the gym. And nice dresses long and short for any accessions in any color you like. They are a available in all possible designs. Zaful shop really offers many interesting clothes, so everyone will find something for themselves. Be sure to check out this site ;) Zeful.com



Not everyone can be achieved immediately. We often discourage and quickly surrender. Even if we dream about something, it is impossible for many people to realise it. I use to hear a very wise quote "If you can dream it, you can do it" I think everyone will use it. If we want to achieve something in life, we must stubbornly pursue the goal. The road is not easy, there are always obstacles. the trick is to get up after a failure. However, I did not want to talk about failures today. The goal is the most important. Each of us should designate ourselves. Why? We are better organized, we know what we want to achieve and there is a much better chance of that happening.

As it turns out, they can not be any goals. Every point should be thought out in line with our lifestyle, personality. And here we come to the heart of the matter and the main thought of today's entry - "Set yourself small goals". A small goal is one whose achievement does not require much time. "Much is a relative term, so perhaps better defined in the following example.

Little goal - this week I try to limit sweets.

A big goal - I do not eat sweets from today.

I think it's not hard to notice the difference. Small are so - called small steps. Achieving them is not difficult and does not require a lot of time, and yet we are moving forward. From the beginning I said that the goals should be individual, because for someone for a week without sweets it is already very long. In such a situation, a small goal will be to not eat sweets throughout the day. But what later? Later we should gradually rase the bar. Some things at school. First we learn the alphabet and then we read and write. So if you have achieved your small goal, enjoy success. In the end what you have planned, you have done! Now you can raise the bar higher.

The idea of small goals and tasks has been sitting in the back of my head for some time, and finally able to write it down. The point is that small goals are much easier to achieve and so we do not become discouraged so quickly. Everyone, even the smallest success, enjoys and motivates for further action. So we do not worry that the first time you went 2km. To start with, good and bad, it counts that you came out of your house and beat lions. Next time try increasing the distance by at least 300 meters. Remember to do your own thing. Do not compare yourself to others, it is unnecessary especially at the beginning.

If you are pursuing your small goals, you will soon reach the top. Steps don't need to be great, important to be systematic and then you will succeed. Everyone has a different purpose, but the same difficult way to achieve it. So do not look at your friend once again broke the record for 15km, just get to the action! Do not lose one day. Life is short and it depends on you how you use it.



Spring knocked on everyone's door welcoming: sunshine, warmer nights and longer days.

I recently came up with an idea to show you most of my spare time outside of blog writing or being on Instagram. Wonderful time spent during spring I like to just sit outside and get into my favourite book with a glass of lemonade, I like to take my dog to the park or go for a walk on the beach.

During this time of the year I love to wake up by birds singing and the smell of the fresh air. The sunshine is really beautiful and all the colourful flowers starting to grow giving the beautiful smell.

Also i would like to show you few of my favourite outfits I like to wear during spring.



Traveling to the city takes me often over an hour. I put my earphones in. It stops for a while. I think about the future, I remember the past, when I am... Everyone of the passersby is completely foreign to me, everyone of us chases: money, better work, after the bus that drives pass. Each of them looks exactly the same, and yet each of them is surrounded by acro of their own concerns, secrets, problems, happiness and all their other personalities. For a moment, a beautiful women appears before me in my eyes, beautiful but tired of running around with her problems affairs. I go in front of myself and I think about my future. Tired not to have any time, live on the run. After all my life is slowly beginning to look so. I think I have to give myself some slack, freedom, release. Colourful future I was planing to be when I was 16 years old and thinking that life is a simple life giving vision of a true life. Feeling like shit all over the world, slowly giving up on what's next in life, with the real, feeling little and lost in the world that surrounds me. Still, looking for my place on earth, dreaming and immaculate, and still so much before me. I'm beginning to lose myself, but I'm not where I am and I cannot lay my head down and find myself. Nobody said it would be easy, would it? I will not give up because it is temporarily hard because it is not the same as I would like it. All you have to do is work, only what's there is the pursuit, fatigue and life in a slow run.



Sometimes I wonder why we drift away from people. How does it happen? How do we prepare ourselves for it?

Sometimes I wonder where it all goes. The lengthy conversation, the secrets, the kisses, the tender words, the love. Where do they all go?

Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense. Loosing people who kept you breathing, loosing people who made you smile, loosing people who touched your heart.

Sometimes I wonder why good things end. How can the world be so cruel? Why do things end too soon? Why do they end when you're still not done writing the story?

Do we sabotage them? It is the universe? It is their problem? Is it ours?

They tell you to move on, they tell you not to think about it, they tell you it is what it is, they tell you to just forget, but how do you move on from your life? How do you move on from something that was a part of you? How do you move on from yourself?

How do you tell people that you can't move on because you don't have anywhere else to go? Where do you go when you move on? What's on the other side? What if it's not for you?

Because sometimes the other side of life is not really the kind of life you want. You don't want loneliness and fighting your demons alone, you don't want casual dates, you don't want to kiss strangers, you don't want to play games and you don't want your life to be all about your work or all about yourself.

Even if it's beautiful, even if it's everything you need to grow, even if people tell you that this is the best thing you can ever do for yourself...but what if it's not for you?

Because you see beauty in romance, in real love, in intimacy, in growing old with the one you love and you see so much cruelty in loneliness, in too much independence, in coming home to an empty bed and waking up alone.

What if this is not the life you signed up for? How do you quit? How do you say to life 'I just can't do this anymore?' How do you fight when you don't have a shield?

It's unfair. When you've had the best but now you should settle for okay.

Sometimes I wonder if things truly ever end, or if they just keep on living inside us - killing us slowly.



Friendship at a distance? Depends on whom. If someone really cares, the distance is nothing. It is beautiful, one might say that toughing.

The truth is that if we care, we can maintain any relationship, no matter if we split 30, 300, or 1200 kilometres. We are able to help ourselves at a distance, and when we see that person with us, we are not able to let go of her/him - we are obsessed with the fact that she/he will soon be missing her/him again. Well, "life is not a romantic movie, only eternal trouble". If you have a friend, your other half away from each other and in spite of all you can handle the distance.



Sorry for giving this topic about my last year so late because I only started writing my blog only 3 months ago and just now I figured what I'm going to write about.

I love the feeling when I sit in the morning with the hot cup of tea to the computer, raining behind the window, it's foggy and unpleasant and even though I want to give you something positive here. So maybe a little summary of the holidays I can announce the best so far! In 2016 I come in with good energy and it worked out for me. Thanks to such a positive charge, I was able to experience so many wonderful moments with family and friends that happened to me in that ending year. I drive many miles, I was in many places, I graduated year 10 and I met even more wonderful personalities. During that year I learned who I can rely on, who I trust and I wholeheartedly wish everyone to have equally wonderful people on their side. Like everyone I had many tricks, but it just enriched me more as a person. Changing many things has also given me a lot, I look at everything now from a different perspective, and study sometimes consumes me so much that I sit literally berried with books - which obviously gives visible results. Slowly I began to learn systematically and accuracy, and this was never my good side. I was always able to hear 'capable, but lazy', what I wanted not wanting to be true.

During these 365 days I had a lot more upsets than the falls, after all those strong ass stabs from time to time gave me more than eternal debauchery. It is important for each of us to make our decisions slowly and with discretion. Many of my choices were chaotic and crazy. I did not consider the consequences only to flow with the current. And you know what? I would not go back to anything now, because I probably would not have been like that for a moment, and I do not regret any moment. At the moment I liked it, and then it founded out not to be so colourful, it's hard - it happens.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to develop my passions and fulfil my dreams. Nothing will replace my need for self - realisation.