Modern Information Systems For Village

Although technology has improved rapidly, the village information system in Indonesia is still far behind compared to the city. People who occupy urban areas enjoy various facilities and access without difficulty. While relatively remote areas must be able to utilize the technology that is already outdated.

Introducing a modern information system in the village

One of the main factors that make the majority of villages in Indonesia underdeveloped is the reluctance of people to develop it. Residents who live in the village choose to try their fortune in big cities in the hope of having more luck. In fact, there is one way that can actually be applied without having to leave the village, which is introducing advanced technology from the city that is able to improve welfare.

In this case, the approach can start from something very familiar with everyday life: gadgets or devices. Although not yet as advanced in the city, villages in the country already use devices such as computers and mobile phones to facilitate the activities of the community. Opportunities should be used by the parties involved in the field of technology to create village applications (software aplikasi desa).

Why app? Because the platform or software is very close to the use of computers and mobile phones. Even now people do not have to depend on the application made by developers from abroad, because there are local products whose quality is not less good. This would be very compatible with the average villager who still has limited English. Not only that, with the help of technology, rural people can live prosperously like urban people.

Various benefits gained from village applications

Can improve the village information system is a benefit that will be felt residents who live in the countryside. If they usually have to deal with books and manual counters, now they just need to enter data or input and operate the application to process and get it in no time. Platforms and software designed in such a way will display high accuracy, so that calculation errors or data collection can be reduced.

Then, the rural economy can be helped by application usage. During this time, farmers and garden owners are often harmed because they have to sell farm produce and gardens with cheap price. While when processed, the end result is priced at high prices. However, thanks to online village applications and information systems, their farm and garden products do not have to go through longer distribution chains and can be sold directly to the end user.

Not just an economic affair, the potential of tourism in rarely highlighted villages can be promoted through applications. That way, in addition to inviting tourists from various places, the right promotion will attract local governments to build facilities and pre-facilities are qualified. If applied appropriately, the tourism sector will create jobs for local people.

Appropriate application to introduce technology in the village

The contributions of those skilled in the field for the welfare of the villagers are incomplete without the right instruments. In this case, SODEA presents a solution that offers a variety of needs that are able to realize the benefits above. Inside there are a number of features and services that are able to process important information.

SODEA is also capable of assisting coaching until supervision in the administration of government and public activities. With the various advantages and completeness that exist, this application is expected to meet the interests and needs of village information systems (sistem informasi software aplikasi desa) to the maximum and appropriate.

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