Anyway today I'm longing for Switzerland!!!!!!!!! Can't wait till I get to reload with the energy from the mountains. And see my friends. And speak svitserdeutsch. Still working on that last thing.

A few days ago in Gothenburg I met a friend I hadn't seen in a veeery long time. I just love it when that happens, it fills you with joy and warmth within. And then you would just like to laugh throughout the whole conversation but people would probably carry you out of the store assuming that you're crazy and probably homeless, and I had stuff with me like shopping bags so I tried my best not to do that. It was really cool though.

It's raining, Uma doesn't want to go out on her walk and I can't say I'm too sorry for that. We make it cosy inside with candles and tea.

So ttyl or when I have something fun to share.

Love, Josy

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My dad had a gathering with his colleagues today and since I enjoy cooking I told him that I would like to make them a little dinner ! It didn't turn out so little in the end and now I'm exhausted haha, but I love doing such favors for my parents. They appreciate it so much since they work a lot and so on.

Current emotion: satisfied, calm, dreamy.

A nice quote from a beautiful song:

The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved
in return.

-Nat King Cole (Nature Boy)



I'm such a dog person, I just adore dogs. All dogs. But still this little fella especially has a tight grip with her tiny paws around my heart. Uma!!



Dear cyber world,

I think this is literally my fourth blog haha. I kind of miss writing though when I don't do it so voilà. I keep a diary of course but you don't tell people like "here take my diary read it and agree!" And well that's it, I like sharing and connecting with people. Just that this feels like talking to myself now haha... So since neither I or anyone else for now know what all this will be about I maybe should put up some important points about this "blog" (hate that word btw so ugly). So, my vision here is to write about life in general, everyday life! As I've written somewhere: only naked truth, I won't pretend anything or glorify or whatever! 

Stuff I like:

Calm, sea, clothes, houses, mountains, shopping, skiing, forest, flowers, traveling, connecting with people, food, puppies, drawing, arts, design

Stuff I don't prefer:

All shit that is going down on earth atm. But I am also not a big fan of negativity and yeah the word 'blog'