puglia road trip pt. VII: Torre dell'Orso

Guys! I'm done with exams for now! It feels amazing. Let's celebrate with day seven of our Puglia road trip! It's the morning of day seven of our travels, and we decide to take the car down to the beach. It's really, really crowded, but we manage to get some chairs at one of the beach clubs. We order some drinks, my parents start chatting away with the Italian family next to us, and I get comfortable with a book.

The peace and quiet doesn't last for too long though. From out of nowhere the rain starts pouring and thunder roaring and we run off the beach and in to our car. The weather doesn't seem to be clearing up anytime soon, so we head back to our hotel.

The rest of the day is cloudy and windy. I don't mind too much. The sun has been so hot the whole week and my sunburnt skin needs some rest anyways. I lay by the pool reading for hours, have some lunch, a swim with my brother, play a few rounds of yatzy with my mom. Eventually I get bored and my legs restless, so me and my dad go for a run. It's really heavy to breathe in the humid air and the run is more of a walk, but I feel good.

Once we get back to the hotel, I shower and get ready for the evening. Make my mom take some photos of me with this car because it's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Then we walk the kilometer and a half down to the beach again. 

We go to a restaurant and reserve a table for a couple of hours later and then find a spot with an amazing view and live music.

We sit down for a beer and some snacks before dinner. Watch the sunset, laugh until our bellies hurt and just enjoy the last hours of the evening. A couple of drinks later we head to the restaurant. I eat an amazing seafood risotto and we drink some local primitivo. And so another amazing day in Puglia comes to an end. Oh, how I wish I could be back there right now. And oh, how grateful I am for my family and all the amazing trips we take together.



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