first of december, advent and lots of schoolwork

Wow guys, time is really flying by, isn't it? Normally I tend to think November-December up until Christmas always goes by really slow, but this year it's just sprinting past me. I can't believe we've reached the last month of the year, of the decade, already. Since I got back from Bordeaux three weeks ago, I have been so busy with school I haven't had time for much else. I'm currently taking Strategy Development, which is super intense, Turnaround management, which I haven't really wrapped my head around yet, and Business English 3, which I feel like shouldn't be too difficult but the exams are known for being anything but easy. So yeah, there's quite a bit of work to do. I've got my first exam of the block on Tuesday, so right now I've cleared my desk, lit some candles and prepared a big cup of tea to help myself tackle the last chapter of reading I've got left. Hope you're all having a really cozy Sunday and first of advent!



Good luck on your exams! 😊
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