colosseo & propaganda

On my last full day in Rome, I took the bus to the city together with Andrea and Henri. We didn't have much of a plan, except for lunch at one point, but as it was the last day for both me and Henri, we just wanted to make some last memories in the city. We got off at our usual stop and walked the few minutes to Piazza di Spagna, before deciding to take a stroll past Colosseo. See, I was always a bit underwhelmed by the Colosseo. I mean, not that it isn't completely magnificent, but Rome has so much beauty everywhere that I never really understood the fascination. However, it has had quite a special meaning to me these past six months in Italy. Whenever I would feel like just giving up and going home, I would take the bus to the city, go for a walk and almost always end up there. And I would look up at that huge building thats been standing there for century after century and I would remind myself: Work might suck sometimes, it's difficult being away from family and friends and Italians have an amazing ability to drive me nuts. But I'm standing here infront of this amazing building that people only dream of seeing - and I'm here just walking past it on a regular stroll around town. So yeah, it was great to see it one last time, for a while at least. And while we were there, we were also close to Propaganda, which we'd heard were supposed to have pretty nice food! So, we had some lunch and cocktails there together and oh my gosh, writing about it is making me miss Rome so, so much...



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