back home

Yesterday I got on a plane again, this time to spend some days back at home. Let me tell you, it's so nice to just get to be home and breathe for a bit. I've had zero energy the last few weeks, and a little break is well needed. Not that I don't have to do loads of studying while here anyways, but there's just this feeling of calm I get from being at home. Don't get me wrong - I love living in Amsterdam. But life there gets crazy busy sometimes, and I kind of forget to just stop and listen to myself and my body. So some days at home will do me good. So will some quality time with my family. Today is the national day of Sweden, which in all honesty isn't really celebrated that much, but it's a holiday, meaning I got to spend the whole day with the fam. We just chilled at home, had some great bbq and played games. Tomorrow is supposed to bring heat and sunshine, so I plan to mix studying with lounging by the pool. Doesn't sound too bad for a Thursday, does it?



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