Be that kind of gal

Self proclaimed Francophile * A lover of espressos, dark chocolate and French words * A glass half full kind of girl * Smile addict * Not afraid to get a little goofy * Values a handwritten note over an email any day * Enjoys a great happy hour with girlfriends * Has a weakness for a man with an accent * A woman who rocks her Louboutins just because * A romantic at heart * You always considered yourself a Carrie * A lover of fine wines but by no means a sommelier * A dreamer * You long to learn French and even bought Rosetta stone with hope * Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour litter the coffee table {both for hip factor and your desire to learn fashion language as much as the French language} * One day someone will make a movie of your life * Rose colored glasses and a pocketful of glitter are always appropriate * A signature shade of lipstick always brightens the day * The barista orders your favorite drink at Starbucks while you're still in line



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