For a week now I have been trying to get my hair grey. It did not turn out as I wanted but my hair at least turned out a little grey, I though wanted it more silver.

I will show you the process of my half failed attempt to get my hair grey (would have worked better if I'd bleached it instead of dyeing it blond).

These are the products I used (plus my Olaplex No.3).

This is how my hair looked before.

Step one is to put on something that can be damaged by hair coloring products.

I then applicate the hair dye as instructed. I waited 45 minutes and washed it out.

It turned out like this after I dried it.

I used my Olaplex No.3 twice and then washed it out where after I used the silver shampoo.

This is how it looked after it dried (it did not help so much).

I then mixed the conditioner and Mila nila color refresh until I were happy with the tone. Next I sectioned my hair and applied the color.

I waited for about an hour before washing it out using only water. This is the result and as you can see the top of the hair turned out brown and the ends turned out greyish, not really what I wanted but good enough. 👍

All I need now is to fix those dead ends, maybe time to visit the hair stylist. 😂

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Two weeks and a really stubborn cold later I am finally going to write about my time as a volunteer at Bråvalla festival.

Starting of Tuesday bye taking the bus to Stockholm and thereafter train to Norrköping. This trip took around two hours and we then took a little trip around town to buy bread and cookies, which is basically what we survived on for the entire week.

The first night was very peaceful and beautiful. Since the festival hadn't begun jet the hole area was empty and quiet and we took the advantage of that by taking a little walk around the area.

Sunset walk
Wednesday 29 June

Nothing much happened this day. First work shift begun at four pm and involved switching guests tickets for wristbands. Basically all guests came this day so we had a lot to do and not even one brake in six hours of work.

Thursday 30 June

This was the day when all the fun happened. The work shift at the entry was pretty stress less and ended at half past two. After this we walked back to our tent and drank some rose wine. The night carried on with a lot of concerts. All in all we saw Bring me the horizon, Timbuktu (Swedish rapper), Rammstein and last but not least The 1975.

Bring me the horizon
The 1975
Friday 1 July

This was the day were I worked my first shift cleaning tables. Pretty gross work and a lot of walking, my hole body hurt. Shift ended at eight pm which gave my friend and I time to see some really great concerts. First of we sat down in the grass listening to Jack Black while eating dinner. We drank some more wine and I bought a really good beer - Corona. At midnight it was time to see the one and only Macklemore. It rained nonstop and we got pretty soaked but seriously... it was awesome.

Jack Black (and Ferris Wheel)
Saturday 2 July

Night shift ahead. This gave us the afternoon to see some more concerts and eat some expensive festival food. We saw Lorentz, John de Sohn and Icona pop. All Swedish treasures.

John de sohn
Icona pop
Sunday 3 July

Time to head home. This night I slept absolutely nothing and this is also the night I caught that stubborn cold I mentioned earlier.

We took down our tent, walked to the train station and went home.

Over all it was an amazing week and it was worth getting ill for. I truly recommend going to a festival as a volunteer. You get the hole experience of a festival for free and all you have to do in return is working six hours a day.



Today was like most days, nothing really happened. Except for one thing. I finally bought everything I need for my trip to Norrköping next weekend.

Me and my friend will, on Tuesday the 28th of June, travel to Norrköping to work as volunteers at Bråvalla festival. This festival will start for real on Thursday with a preopening on Wednesday and end on Sunday. During all these days we will live in a tent at a camping area near the festival area. Working six hours a day for four days with a fucked up diurnal rhythm, alcohol and lack of real food I will most likely be dead by the end of next week.

Anyway, today I made myself a big cup of coffee and finally packed my suitcase for this trip and I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to fit everything in it sense it´s really small. Wellingtons and my personal pharmacy taking up most of the space I still managed to pack a lot of outfits adjusted to Swedish summer weather. And don´t forget all the snacks. 😉

This is it for now but I promise to write a really long post when I get back home with a lot of pictures, so keep your eyes open.



Gröna Lund, Stockholm, June 12 2016

What to do on a Sunday nigh when school is over and you are bored?

My solution: take two of my best friends to Stockholm's theme park Gröna Lund and watch Little Mix perform live.

What is good with this stage is that it is located in the middle of the theme park. This means you can breath even if it is a lot of people around you or leave to buy a milkshake and still have a good view of the stage.

I have listened to most of Little Mix songs and I have to say these four British women are amazing. They got so much energy and such a good chemistry you can't do anything but smile and sing along on their concerts. It was really full speed with these women and their dancers which turned the hole night into one big party that I never wanted to end.

I am very happy that I got my friends to go with me to this concert even though non of them are fans of Little Mix. We had a great time and my friends seem satisfied too.

The Ben & Jerry milkshake was an experience of its own and I would recommend all ice cream lovers to get one of these. I mixed chocolate fudge brownie and peanut butter cup and with a big amount of whipped cream it was deadly good.

No natter if you are a fan of the band playing or not, concerts are the most hyped up experience you will ever get and I know I will never get enough of it. So if you get the chance to go to a concert, GO, because it will be lit.



Yesterday it was finally my turn to graduate from senior high school. I woke up at 4.45 AM and met up with my class in our town park at 7.30 AM to drink some champagne and wine before we walked back to school to have breakfast. Before the final leap we sat down, wrote messages in each others hats and listened to our teachers and the principal speech.

After the run and truck ride around town my family and friends went to my home to eat some sandwich layer cake and cookies and drink some more wine.

I got five gifts from my family, a bracelet, two wineglasses, a bottle of wine and a new computer. As I had to return my school computer a week ago I am very thankful for that gift and of course for the other gifts as well.

Tired as I was after my family had left, me and my friend watched some cartoon and took a nap on the couch. Later that night we went to a preparty at a classmates' place after which we went to a club. Music was loud, alcohol was strong and the night was great. I came home around 2.30 AM very tired and sober because I stopped drinking around 11 PM so I hit the shower and went to bed, all just to wake up 6 hours later not being able to fall back to sleep. Even though lack of sleep and headache it was an amazing day. I am thankful for these three years and for having such great classmates and friends helping me through all the stress and anxiety.



Best concert of my life

Fryshuset in Stockholm 2nd of June 2016

Last nigh, 2nd of June, I went to a concert in Stockholm with a friend. After waking up feeling like shit after an evening of heavy drinking I pulled myself together and took the bus to Stockholm which took around one and a half hour. This day might have begun bad but it ended in euphoria and complete happiness.

The opening act was a Swedish band called Beside a Bridge. Before this night I've actually never heard of this band and shame on me because they were awesome. They did not only had great songs of their own but also made excellent covers and mixes.

The crowd was hyped and a competition in what half of the crowd that could scream the loudest made the atmosphere boil.

Beside the Bridge on stage

Beside the Bridge on stage

My Instagram picture with The Vamps ⬆ and Beside the Bridge⬇

The night carried on and the main act everyone was there for entered the stage - The Vamps.

I have listened to this band for some time now and I have to say, even I couldn't guess they would be THIS good live. With a good mix between new and old songs these British wonders were mind-blowing. Adrenaline was flowing and the crowd never calmed down. To sum it up - it was the best night of my life and I can't till James, Tristan, Bradley and Connor return.

Connor Ball

The Vamps on stage

James and Brad and Tristan behind the drums (and Connors hand)

(I only got my phone to relay on so I'm sorry for blurry pictures)