My Christmas Wishlist 2020

1. Hella Heels boots: HERE // 2. Pandora charm: HERE // 3. Alexander McQueen sneakers: HERE // 4. Yoga pants: HERE // 5. Jade yoga mat: HERE // 6. Aesop handsoap: HERE // 7. Leotard: HERE // 8. Organic Basics bra: HERE // 9. Daniel Silfen bag: HERE // 10. Glamglow toner: HERE // 11. Leg warmers: HERE // 12. Repetto bag: HERE // 13. Balance board: HERE // 14. Elizabeth Arden hand lotion: HERE // 15. Turnboard: HERE

Hello guys, and welcome back!

My second post today is my Christmas Wishlist 2020, and I hope it will inspire you a little. I wish for quite a lot this year, but I kinda always do that, ahah. Most of the stuff is for dance, and I always wish for dance stuff. Something not related to dance is the Daniel Silfen bag, which is so pretty with a pink/purple-ish color and with glitter! I'm not sure if I should wish for the pink/purple-ish one or for a blue one, because that one is also super pretty. Anyways, the time is late and I will go to bed. But wherever you are, have a nice night / day!

- Joanie