An Update + New Shorts!

Hey guys!

I'm not feeling better than since I wrote the last post, but I thought I would come with an update anyways. I have been to my treatment home's "fastelavn", which is kinda like Halloween, but then also not. I was only there for 10 minutes, because my anxiety was sky-high. But I was there, and even though I'm very disappointed in myself, then I was still there! Tomorrow I'll dance A LOT, I will actually stay up all night just to dance. I have slept most of today, so I will not be able to sleep tonight anyways. After I'm done dancing I will get a detox foot bath at my treatment home's wellness room. After that my mom will pick me up, and we'll go to the city, into the only two stores that has open, and buy some stuff. Afterwards we'll probably go home to my mom. When I'll arrive back home I'll dance some more and do other stuff as well. I think, I'll make a post tomorrow about my day, with lots of pictures. I hope you want to read that post, too!

The blue bikeshorts or whatever they're called, is new. I've bought three pairs, because they were so cheap, and they're great quality! I love the color. You can find them HERE, and in lots of different colors as well.
I'm kinda anxious about writing about my life like this, in case someone I know finds this blog. I mean, if that happens, then it happens - I have nothing to be ashamed of. I just think it's important to make these posts, so other people has a place to relate and to not feel alone, if you know what I mean? Anyways, I'll prepare for dance now, and then we'll see each other tomorrow!

x Joanie