This past Saturday, me and two of my greatest friends went to Kolding, to participate in the #walkforfreedom. The #walkforfreedom is arranged by the A21 organization, who are fighting against abolishing slavery and human trafficking.

It was such an inspiring and revolving experience, where we got to walk for an hour around the city of Kolding, simply for a very good and eye-opening cause.

The amount of slavery around the world is higher than ever before:

· For every 30 seconds, one person out there gets caught into a world of slavery

· Around 27 million people are living as slaves today

· Children are used as objects and for trading

· Women are sold for prostitution and experience trafficking

· Men are forced to work, without rights or payments

After all, slavery and human trafficking estimate around 914 billion Danish Kr. each year. This needs to come to an end, and we need to stand together and help wherever we possibly can.

As we walked around the beautiful city, we took one step at a time and walked us through and against slavery. We walked around in a long line, one by one. It suddenly made it all feel very realistic and touchy.

We each had a piece of black tape covering our mouths, because, no words were worth speaking.

Step by step, we walked one step closer to a world of rights, humanity and for abolishing slavery for all.

Never doubt your voice in this world, even the simplest things can make a major change. So never ever think of giving up, this is only the beginning of a new world.

​I hope for my future, that I'll always be able to look another person in the eye, with confidence and genuinely respect. We should all by respecting other human beings, no matter what. Nothing should let us or them try to treat any other individual with disrespect or shade. Stand together, be together. Forever. 

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I met up with my former American host family in Copenhagen. It was beyond very nice to see them again!

We spent 4 days sightseeing in Copenhagen and then further around in Denmark, including Aarhus, Ribe and my home town. We had an awesome week and hope they did as well.

A fun thing was, I suddenly felt like a tourist myself. I saw pieces of Copenhagen that I haven't really seen before and I realized so much more cultural about the city of Copenhagen. Yes, we have a lot of tourists visiting Copenhagen each day, that I've realized. But hey, it just makes the atmosphere a little better

No sightseeing and no Denmark-tour without Hans Christian Andersen himself - Am I right? I know I am. This store is located across the street from Nyhavn and is actually where H.C. Andersen lived before hand.

As well as H.C. Andersen's stores, you have to visit Amalienborg. Beautiful place, beautiful garden and you know, it's the royal castle right?

And if you are lucky enough, or get there at noon time. You'll see the royal guards do their command shifts. It's very pretty and interesting. I can't imagine what it takes to participate in the royal garden, lots of responsibility, but I can imagine it is breathtaking and different job

Nyhavn is a gorgeous place for sure. I can not put into words how populated it is every single day, but also just the atmosphere is amazing. Going down Nyhavn, there are a lot of different side cafés and restaurants, in which you can stop by for brunch with your close friends or just a beer with your co-workers. Simply just everything!

My host family and I went on a boat trip around the canal of Copenhagen. It's a sightseeing tour, the weather was nice and pretty. And no kidding, I actually also learned some stuff, haha.

They are building some new Metro systems in the center of Copenhagen. This one is close to Nyhavn, and they keep decorating the walls with different art pieces. Which I think is very great. The metro is believed to be done in 2019.

Next up, Rosenborg Castle. It's a royal castle as well, with a basement filled with Royal treasures and a castles filled with unique decorated rooms and furnitures. Definitely worth the visit!

Above was once a bathroom in the old castle. Just look at the small bricks on the wall. All hand painted and very neat. Can't imagine how much work they put into everything at that time.

In every single room we entered, they had even decorated the ceiling so detailed. Again, I can't even try to imagine all the hard work. But gosh, it was pretty and remarking.

I had my little co-photographer along by my side. Glad to see you with a camera Brianna ;)

Rosenborg Castle is located in the middle of the Royal Garden (Kongens have)

This is the view from one of the many rooms


In the basement, you would find a lot of cute essentials. But nothing could compare to the crowns. These two crowns each would weight up to 2kg. Imagine having to wear that pressure on your head all day long

Just look at the details again, I can't even. It doesn't even seem real


The first church we entered. It was very big and very old But it had even more history to tell.


One again, I'm impressed about all the work, the details and the captures of history.

Imagine being marriaged in this church?

Even though Ribe is filled with curious tourist basically 90% of the time, I'd say it's a very beautiful place


So Rømø is an island about an hour drive from my house. Rømø is known for it's long beaches huge ice creams and basically just a nice vacation place. A lot of Danes, as well as tourists, go there during summer, spring or fall time, just to relax and spent some time with the family. You can rent vacation houses there or just stay at a hotel. Some people go camping as well.

It's not a day at the beach without catching crabs

After all, I had some very great days with my family and my American family. We all got together very well and spent some time eating and exploring together. I've seen new places of Denmark, which is very great. I hope everyone else had just as great a trip as i did.

A thank you to my families, the Danish and the American




Above is a photograph framing the beyond best Brazilian brother, that I've ever had. Yes, he deserved an introduction just like that.

Augusto lived with me for half a year, while he was on his exchange journey here in Denmark. I'm so glad that my mom and I decided to host him. He made an impact on us all.

Now when he is back home in Brazil, we do miss him a lot and I can't wait for our future plans, travels and more.

Right before Augusto went on the plane towards Brazil, him and I, decided to go on a spontaneous trip together. After a pretty good deal, we decided to take the bus 2 hours down into the country of salty pretzels and currywurst, you guessed it, we went to Germany. My mom and her husband recommended the city Lübeck, after they have spent some days down there together in the past.

I don't regret listening to some parent advise. We had an amazing trip together.

We arrived in Lübeck in the late afternoon, we checked in at the hotel and quickly went out in the city life. We stopped at a Middle-Eastern restaurant and got some comfort food. No kidding, it was really good

We really did realize what a pretty and outstanding place we were at. A great fact is, that Lübeck was once a part of Denmark, until it got taken by the Germans. But that's not the matter. By just looking at the different buildings, and feeling the breathtaking atmosphere, we could definitely tell that this city is very old, and carries a lot of history.

I really like the idea of theaters

It's like you get so much more from watching a play in a theater

Because it's not only about the actors acting out their manuscripts

There's an atmosphere among the actors

An atmosphere which will spread among the guests

There's just something about going to a theater

Said by me, whom hate watching movies

We walked around an afternoon, as we found this and I mean THIS Italian ice-cream café.

I've now words to describe what in heaven this ice cream tasted like. It was outstanding and beyond the very very best ice-cream that I've put my tongue on. (We went there twice)

Sooo, if you are perhaps stopping by the city of Lübeck, please do yourself a favor and stop by this Ice-cream café. You won't leave with any regrets or disappointments. Only a great feeling and a few more calories :)

It's not exact the lock bridge in Paris, but it was still very beautiful, and gosh, cute memories and lots of love.

I like the idea of doing this, as long as we can keep it neat as a society.



As we were walking down by the river, we suddenly passed this interesting place, Solizentrum. If you are familiar with the danish community called Christiania, you will know what I'm about talk about.

It's basically a very cool place, with no rules (except for the obvious ones), and a place for every human kind - including every sexuality, race and color. I find it very interesting and unique. We didn't see much of this area though, but from what we saw, it looked very neat.

Augusto and I did also consider being a little more cultural and went to two different museums, while our stay in Lübeck.

The first museum was a doll museum, which was very interesting as well. We saw how the very first dolls were made and how they developed through the years. As well as, how the dolls were made in our countries and other cultures.

The other museum was an art museum with lot's of different decorations from former churches in Lübeck, it was so beautiful!


Okay, so we randomly walked past this Brazilian restaurant? like, that must be a sign right? we have to go in there?

And yes we did, and no regrets at all. It was really good!

Although.... I'm not sure if it was due to some misunderstandings or whatever, but Augusto ordered a burger, and this was what he got.

Beef, fries and a buttery baguette.. Haha, I mean, he didn't complain about the taste, but we had a good laugh about this.

And I ordered a tomato soup with a side of salad. Let's just say, it was the best tomato soup that I've ever tasted. Though, putting cream on top of my soup was a little weird, but I like to try new things, and it wasn't bad at all. Just a think I'd never have though of.

Hands down, I could easily walk around the city and take photographs all day long. So many details and beautiful pieces. Things not everyone would see.

It's all about the food, am I right?

So we went to this italian restaurant the last night we were there. And it was definitely the best way to end the trip. The owners and waiters were so nice. The funny thing was tho, we managed to talk 3-4 different languages to each other, while we sat at the table. Just until we realized that the neighbor tables were Danes as well. Such a funny coincidence!

We also went to a grocery store (after getting lost a few times), and bought some local beers. Such a 'hyggelig' night, with lot's of deep conversations and laughs. Also the reason why we didn't go to bed before 3 am.

Fun story, we didn't have a bottle opener, so yeah, after two bleeding fingers and a broken belt, we finally managed to open our beers. Haha

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Sooo, second time we went to the Italian ice-cream café (reminder: the BEST Italian ice-cream), we decided to get a banana split and omg, I couldn't have asked for a better lunch. My stomach probably could have, but that's not anything we should consider by now, haha.

And to top off the banana split, we grabbed a cup of coffee afterwards

After all, it was an amazing trip!

I feel like I have really found my true travel buddy. We had so much fun and supplied each other so well during the whole trip. Definitely not the last time, Augusto and I, go on a trip together.

Thank you for an remarkable time and for all the memories, Augusto. Te amo <3



Det er traditionens tro i den sønderjydske lille lokal by, Løjt Kirkeby, at fejre forårets glæder den sidste weekend i Maj. Her afholder vi nemlig den årlige omgang Løjt Ringridning.

Mange af de indfødte Løjtninge kommer stolt tilbage, for at ride en ekstra omgang ringridning. Andre møder blot op, for at mærke den dejlige stemning, blandt de andre tilholdere i byen.

Der er mange forskellige aldersgrupper som møder op denne weekend, for at fejre årets byfest. Weekenden står på 2-dage med ringridnings konkurrencer, med en omtrent ligeså dejlig byfest, lørdag aften.

Nogle af byens yngste deltagere, som her rider med til Løjt Ringridning for første gang. Her er der en masse jublen fra sidelinjen, og en stolt berider, som har gennemført sit første ringridning på ny hest.

Men alderen sætter ingen grænser for interessen for ringridning. Der var nemlig deltagere fra mange forskellige aldersgrupper mødt op. Alle med glæde og troen til at gøre sit bedste.

Ligeså vel som, at der var forskellige aldersgrupper i ringridningens gang, så var tilskuerflokken også opdelt i forskellige aldersgrupper. Vejret er yderst udholdeligt og humøret var højt.

Søndag formidag blev ringridningen skudt igang af et optog gennem byens gader. Her blev de fine beridere og deres heste fuldt i spidsen af Aabenraa's skoleorkester.

Ligeså vel som, at der var aktiviteter i form af en masse ringridning, så var der også en masse andre ting, for både de helt små og de voksne.
Pladsen ved Løjt Ringridning var nemlig udstillet med en lille karrusel for de små, en hoppeborg for de lidt ældre, tombolaer, ringriderpølser og lidt til at slukke tørsten.

Hvis du ikke nåede forbi dette års Løjt Ringridning, så håber vi, at se dig næste år. Hvor vi ikke blot afholder endnu en succesfuld byfest, men også skyder sommeren ligeså stille igang!
Ses til næste år!
Tak til dette års ringriderfest!

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Sooooooo. I can finally say that I'm an owner of the Canon 70-200mm lens!! Words can't describe my excitement, and i'm so fortunate and grateful for all the people, who helped me raise enough money for me to buy this lens. By having this new lens in my life, a lot of new adventures are gonna come and my photography skills are probably going to improve as well. I've had the lens for approximately one week, and I've been out shooting a lot, snapping my family members and enjoying the beginning of spring here in Denmark. Down below is some of my shots, from the past week, hope you'll enjoy!

Look at my beautiful best friend rocking my new lens and the very beautiful surroundings

Spring has really started to appear around here. I have always had a special fetish with flowers, so after some long dark months, I got really happy to see some color start to add up around in our backyard. The sun is also starting to shine a little brighter and to appear a little more often through the skies. Can't wait for spring and summer!

My dearest step littlesister also enjoys the longer days, the sun and the warmer weather around here :)

It's all about focus

Thank you for stopping by and for giving my new photographs a view. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward for many more shooting like these and many more opportunities to try out my new lens.




It was Monday - January 2nd 2017 and I had to get up at 7am. I had to go for my license test. I was wicked nervous, but nervousity wasn't as bad, I surely had been using the 3 previous days on prep and practicing.
Around 9am, my dad picked me up at police station and I could tell him, with at huge smiley face on, how I succeeded and passed the test with only one wrong. (fyi: you're allowed to have up to 5 wrongs)
I was flying and so relived.
The second we got home, I threw on some warmer clothes, grabbed my bike and went for a long ride. Not just to enjoy the very stunning and chilly morning, but also to clear my mind.
Here are som shots from a very revolving and neat monday morning.

I don't know why i love icy and frosty mornings so much. I just think the humidity and the air is very refreshing and it's totally a free and great energy booster in the morning.
And not to complain, it's pretty to see the tiny ice crystal everywhere.

I really enjoy photographing trees.

I feel like they have so much story to tell.

How we just look at them as objects.

We sometimes forget how they help.

They are our strongest piece of nature.

A leading resource.

But what fascinates me the most.

How they change every season.

So they fit in.

I don't believe in many words being spoken.

I'd rather read them aloud.

How thoughts collaborate with words.

Gather around our heads, not to be presented.

I'd rather write them down.

I'd rather read the aloud.


I love how everything is still so green and alive.

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I'm s lucky, that I got to meet this beautiful young lady back in America.

While I was in America, I did spent a lot of time with my other exchange student friends. We all got a long very well and we were a big group of young people, sharing the same interests. One of the girls, I spent most of my time with, was Louise from Berlin, Germany.

I've always wanted to visit Berlin, but never really had a reason to just go down there. So I saw the perfect opportunity to explore Berlin, but also to see my dearest friend once again. I went to Berlin for simply 4 days, but it was some really great days.

I was so lucky to see so many beautiful parts of Berlin, try new great foods, visit cute and neat shops and bike all around town.

Louise and her family lives in a very cute neighborhood, just in the center of Berlin 🇩🇪

This cute dog was just laying on the sidewalk outside a store, waiting for its owner to come back. I love capturing moments like these.

If you aren't very familiar with German candy, you probably wouldn't know this. But Germany is very famous for their candy and chocolate. This brand, Katjes, is a German candy brand from 1950. They make gummies and licorice, AND the best thing is; it's all vegan. If you haven't tried it yet, go get yourself some!

Visiting Berlin, simply also means -> having several coffee stops at the cutest cafés. This café was called Café Cinema. The atmosphere was awesome, they played loud old-school music, the lightning was low and they had some very neat and rough wall art, as well as decorations.

After finishing up our cappuccinos, we went out through a tunnel and into this little garden. It was filled with graffiti, awesome paintings, sayings and wonderful photography opportunities.

Fun fact: We didn't know that this café actually is one of the oldest café in Berlin. The decorations inside haven't changed since the day they opened. I thought this was a col fact.

Like we had never been apart

When going to Berlin, you will have to stop by the Holocaust Memorial. It's a memorial place for all the Jews who got killed during WW2. I think it is a very important place and a huge part of Germany's history.

We also went to a fleamarket, there was a lot of different stands with clothing, accessories, furnitures and etc. Of course we also had to try one of all the foods. We ended up with this spinach and cheese wrap, it's a turkish food, and I'm telling you; it's reaaaaaally good.

I'm fascinated by street music and I could've been standing there all day long, just listening to him sing and see the people pass by.

If you're looking for a good restaurant when visiting Berlin. I'll definitely suggest Babel. It's a Lebanese restaurant and their food is so tasty and original.

I loved the atmosphere in there, the Lebanese music, the arabic culture and the food. I'm totally going back next time i hit Berlin!

And of course, visiting the wall: Berliner Mauer.

It was a very weird and surrealistic feeling to stand right next to the wall, knowing what happened years ago and how it is today.

Louise brought me to this entirely huge thrift store in Berlin. We spent over 2 hours in there and no doubt, we could've spent even more. They had so much different clothes, styles and figures. Definitely also a MUST to visit.

They also have this very good idea. So not all the clothes are included in this, but most of it are; so you just fill up a basket will the clothes you want and you pay for the weight. So ex. for each 100g, you'll pay 10€. I think it's a great idea.

I enjoyed my little trip to Berlin so much, and I can't wait to visit there again sometime. It's such a beautiful and great city. I've seen so many things in a short amount of time, and it just shows me that you can get far by traveling. I would highly recommend visiting Berlin. Whether it's in the fall or not, you'll get a good view on how neat and pretty Berlin is. There's room enough for everyone and you'll always be able to find the right place, just for you. Thanks for following along. 

For more about my Berlin trip, check out my youtube video:

I'm already excited for my next trip. 



So since my dad had his bday while we still were in the US, we decided to celebrate his bday again, once we got back home. It's actually my grandma's bday today, so instead of having two different bdays so close to each other, they decided to celebrate together.
Yesterday we had the whole family over, we got very yummy lunch-like food and a lot of deserts. It was beyond good, haha.

In Denmark when we have parties or other get-togethers. The food play a very big role. We spend hours on planning and making the food. It's like traditional Danish foods and catering.

As well as the food, we also do a lot in playing games and just being together socializing. It's neat and it feels like one big family.

And you can never get too much desert. Btw, we tried everything thing on here. DELICIOUS if I may say.



So school already started for me last week, so beside being busy with going to school, doing homework and being social with friends. I still want to do what I really love. Wednesday last week, after being stressed about school and mentally tired, I decided to go out and get some fresh air. I went on my bike and biked towards the woods close to my house. I ended up spending 2 hours biking around the woods and my town. Of course I also brought my camera with me. (Hint: can't go nowhere without my camera). I shot some pictures and got my head cleared. This is just a little thing, but it helps. I do think it is important to find things that inspires you. It can be a big or a little thing, It really doesn't matter. But that 'thing' will always make you feel relaxed, confident, make you wanna work harder and inspires you. And I guess I've found mine; photography. So I'll keep doing what makes me, me. Take a look at some of the shots I got.

For any questions, yes, I do live in the county and in the middle of nowhere. But there is a lot of nature and stuff here. I do like it here. It's quiet and neat. Even though it gets boring quite often, and there aren't that many inspiring thinks to photograph here. It will always be home.



My best friend and I spontaneously decided to go to this one-day festival. It's a charity festival, where they give all their money to people with muscular dystrophy. It's build with like 2 different stages, a lot of different food stands, merchandise stands and around 9 different artists playing.
The weather was stunning and hot all day (hint, got a little sunburned) - and we had a very great day!
Above you can see a picture of my best friend and I's favorite Danish duo, also known as Nik & Jay.

All in all, we had a wonderful day together. We got to listen to some good music, laugh a lot, eat vegetarian pizza and spend time together.
Can't wait for more adventures and festivals.